Utah Divorce

Information for a Utah Divorce from a Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney

Don’t take any chances with your Utah Divorce. Speak with a top rated Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney at Salcido Law Firm today. In Utah a divorce terminates the marriage. The divorce decree entered by a judge defines your rights and responsibilities related to your family. A divorce decree may include provisions with regard to child support, child custody, spousal support, property division, division of debts, the marital home, taxes, and more.

Utah Divorce
Utah Divorce

A decree of divorce is granted by a judge after the parties have filed all of the necessary paperwork with the court, have attended all necessary hearings and other appearances, and all other statutory requirements have been fulfilled. Getting help from a qualified lawyer is key to your success in the process.

A divorce in Utah is different from a legal separation. A divorce terminates the marriage. A legal separation does not legally terminate the marriage. For more information on separate maintenance please see our page on this website dedicated to information on legal separation in Utah.

There is no legal way to prevent a spouse from obtaining a Utah Divorce. If one spouse wants a divorce and the other does not, the court will still enter a divorce decree. The parties do not have to be in agreement on the decision to divorce.  At best, a party may simply delay a divorce by filing a petition for conciliation to force the other spouse to enter into a marriage counseling type arrangement.

The Divorce Process in Utah

Understanding how the Divorce Process in Utah works is key to getting through it and moving on. Many divorces require several appearances in court and even a simple divorce will require the filing of many documents and possibly at least one court appearance. We can help you through this process, advise you as to the issues in your specific case, and help to ensure you are protected. We understand the multiple decisions and issues involved in a divorce can be difficult for you to bear alone. We offer effective counseling, advising, representation, and other services to help you through this difficult process. We will act as your dedicated Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney.

In addition to our experience and knowledge we bring some great ideas to the table that will help you as a client feel in the loop at all times. We are set up so your case file can be accessed online, securely in the cloud. Not only that, we provide real time access to your account. If a document comes into our office on your case the document is automatically placed on your account in PDF format and then you receive an email notifying you about the new document. This type of real time access provides peace of mind and ensures that our clients know what’s going on in their case.

We also work hard to be as efficient as possible in your Utah Divorce. We know what a sacrifice it is for you to hire an attorney. We do everything we can to make your attorney’s fees go as far as possible. Yes, this is a business for us, but our first and primary concern is our client’s best interest and we satisfy our fiduciary duties to our clients to a tee.

How much does a divorce cost?

The costs for legal representation in a Utah Divorce vary depending on your particular circumstances. For divorces that are uncontested we offer flat rates. For contested divorces we charge a reasonable retainer fee and hourly rate. How much you spend in an hourly case really depends on how contested your case is and how stubborn one or both parties are. We have cases where we have literally billed less than an hour or two because we were able to settle the case so quickly. We have had other cases where we have billed hundreds of hours because the parties could not agree on anything. Whatever your case is like we’ll do the work we need to protect your interests while at the same time always working efficiently. We may also offer payment plans depending on your particular circumstances.  Contact us to find out more.

Self Help Divorce Resources for Individuals in Utah

The Utah court system has put together a lot of self help resources for individuals who are considering divorce.For example, OCAP (Online Court Assistance Program) has many of the basic documents that are typically filed in a divorce case. OCAP is a good starting point for those who would like to see how involved the divorce process can be.  You can setup a username and password, save your information, and return. You can print out documents and file them with the court. Although the OCAP system is helpful, most of our clients have found that it is overwhelming.

Applicable Statutory Law Relating to Divorce Actions

Utah’s statutory laws relating to a Utah Divorce is concentrated primarily in Utah Code 30-3-1 et seq.  Anyone who wants to learn about what Utah requires should read those statutes and familiarize himself with them.  Court commissioners and judges refer to these statutes time and again and they govern the parties and the parties’ attorneys.  Although all of the statutes are used constantly, one of the most used is 30-3-35 which establishes the minimum parent time schedule for children 5 to 18 years of age.Under Utah law divorcing parties have to attend a divorce orientation class.  Additionally, divorcing parents have to take a divorce education class.

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Divorce Process in Utah – Divorce in Utah can be quick and painless, or as painful as the parties want it to be.  The fastest a divorce can be final under current law is 30 days.  The Legislature established this 30 day period as a cooling off period to ensure individuals want a divorce before one becomes final. In some cases, a Utah Divorce Attorney can help get the 30 day waiting period waived and move the process along quicker.

Contested Divorce – What you need to know if your Utah Divorce will not settle or if you have a spouse who is being unreasonable. Contested cases need to go to mediation and eventually trial if the parties are ultimately unable to agree.

Uncontested Divorce – The fastest and most affordable way to terminate your marriage. An uncontested divorce in Utah means there are no issues in contention between you and your soon to be ex. If you agree on all the terms of your divorce, call us today to do the filing.

Utah Divorce Laws – If you are going through divorce, it is critical you understand all the Utah Divorce Laws on such things as alimony, custody, support, and more.

Divorce Education Classes – Under Utah law, parents in a divorce are required to attend a divorce orientation and education class about how divorce may affect children.

Divorce Mediation – If you can’t settle in your Utah Divorce, the judge will require you go to mediation before he or she will make any final orders on your case or issue a divorce decree.

Divorce Modification – It is not uncommon for an individual to need changes to their divorce decree months or even years following a divorce. Divorce modifications are frequently filed and the standard for such a filing is there must be substantial and material changes since the decree was filed.

Bankruptcy & Divorce – If you and your spouse need to pursue bankruptcy and divorce our firm has the resources and attorneys to help you accomplish both goals. The truth is bankruptcy and divorce often go hand in hand. Financial problems are one of, if not the, leading cause of a Utah Divorce.

Guardian ad Litem – Learn more about the guardian ad litem’s role in protecting your children in a Utah Divorce.

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