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Provo Divorce Attorney
Provo Divorce Attorney

The top notch Provo Divorce Attorney ready to help. Utah County has it’s fair share of divorces and other family law actions filed each year. In fact, many people file for divorce in Provo, it is one of the busiest courts in the state, similar to Salt lake. Many people do not know where to turn when served with a divorce or protective order. Some individuals are involved in abusive relationships and need help obtaining protection and orders to ensure their children’s safety. Whatever the case may be, we can help. Our law firm has a centrally located office in Provo in the River Bottom area. We serve clients all over the county from Payson, Springville, and Spanish Fork, to Orem, American Fork, Lehi. Wherever you may live, we encourage you to come by our office for a free divorce consultation with a Provo Divorce Attorney at Salcido Law Firm. Our lawyer’s live and work in the area and understand the culture unique to Provo.

Fourth District Courts – Provo, American Fork, Spanish Fork

The Fourth District Courts in Utah County are located in Provo, American Fork, and Spanish Fork. The majority of divorces are filed in Provo. The Provo District Court currently has two commissioners who hear the majority of divorce and family law related matters. Many people do not realize that they may never see a judge in their divorce case at all since Commissioner Patton and Commissioner Faulkner currently handle the bulk of divorce hearings. Only certain hearings in domestic matters go before the judge assigned to the case and if you never go to trial, there is a good chance you will never appear before the judge. There are many things which distinguish the Fourth District Court process from other courts throughout the state, we understand these little quirks and how to best present your case to the commissioners and judges. A Provo Divorce Attorney in our firm will help you navigate all of this.

There are separate rules in the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure that apply to motion practice before the family court commissioners. Having a strong understanding of these rules is key to effectively resolving your divorce in Utah County. Utah County is also unique in many cultural aspects. It is no big secret the predominate religion in the area is LDS. Religious issues often arise in a divorce and having counsel who is familiar wit these matters can be very helpful.

Hiring a Provo Divorce Attorney

There are a lot of Divorce Lawyers in Provo. We know you have many options which is why we work extremely hard to maintain an aggressive and honest reputation. Some cases require a pit bull while others need a more fragile approach to get a favorable settlement. When so much is on the line for you an your family it is important to have a Provo Divorce Attorney who listens to your needs and understands your goals. We can take on the most challenging fight and really give you the best chance possible of reaching your goals in a divorce. Unlike many other attorneys in the area, we maintain constant contact with our clients to ensure they understand every step of the process of their case. For a free consultation with a member of our team in our Provo office, call us today.