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It is often customary  for at least one of the spouses, often the wife, to change his or her surname at the time of marriage. Historically speaking, women have changed their last name to take on the last name of their husbands. In today’s world this is no longer the only practice for changing names after marriage. Many women today choose to add their husbands name to their own or decide not to take their husbands last name at all. Some couples even choose to change both of their names to an entirely new name. At Salcido Law Firm, our Utah Family Law Attorneys can help you through the legal process of a Name Change Utah after you have been married. For people marrying in Utah County, you can visit County Clerk’s Website for information on changing your name at the time of marriage.

Parties, especially women who have taken their husbands last name, often choose to change their name back to their maiden name at the time they are divorced. If a person decides not to change their name at the time of divorce it does not prevent them from changing their name at a later date. Generally speaking, anyone can petition the court for a Name Change Utah at anytime.

How to Change Your Name in Utah

Below we provide a little bit of information on how to change your name in Utah. Any adult may petition the courts in Utah to have his or her name changed. In filing a name change petition, the person must put forth the following:

Name Change Utah
Name Change Utah
  1. The reason why the name change is sought.
  2. The proposed name.
  3. That he or she has been a bona fide resident of the county in which there are filing the petition for 1 year prior to the filing of the name change petition.

The court may order that notice is given to certain parties and may conduct a hearing where the petitioner would present proof that there exists good cause for granting the petition. In most instances, a name change petition will be granted unless the court finds there are improper motives for the name change such as fraud.

Utah Name Change – Process for Minors

The parent of a child can petition the court for a Name Change Utah of their child. The process is similar to that of a name change for an adult. However, before the court will enter an order for a minor’s name change, the court must find that the change is in the best interest of the child. In determining the best interest of the child the court may consider several factors including the following:

  1. The minor’s preference.
  2. The effect on the minor’s relationship with each parent.
  3. How long the minor has used the name.
  4. Difficulties, harassment, or embarrassment a minor may experience from the present or new name.
  5. Whether or not the new name may cause the minor to feel insecure or lack identity.
  6. The motives and interests of the requesting parent.

Changing the Name on a Birth Certificate

More often than not, once a person has successful been granted a legal Name Change Utah from the court, that person will want to have their birth certificate and other vital records changed to reflect the new name. To do this, a person must file a certified copy of the name change order along with an application with the state registrar’s office and pay the applicable fee. Once approved by the registrar’s office, the original certificate will be amended to reflect the changed name.

Utah Name Change Attorney

If you would like a Utah Name Change Attorney from our office to represent you the process of Name Change Utah, whether for an adult or child, contact us today.