Utah Probation or Parole Violation

Do you have a Utah Probation or Parole Violation

Utah probation or parole violation lawyer
A parole or probation violation can land you back in jail or prison.

Many times people are convicted of a crime and placed on probation for months and even years with terms that they cannot keep.  Parole terms are often very hard to meet as well.  In many cases the defendant is set up to to fail.  Unfortunately, whether you are set up to fail does not matter to the court.  If you violate probation you will have to answer to the court and run the risk of going to jail as a result.

At Salcido Law Firm our team of defense lawyers are well versed and very experienced in defending people all over the state for a Utah probation or parole violation.

Defend Yourself Against Alleged Violations

If the city or state is alleging that you have violated probation or parole, Get Protected!  With probation violations you have a right to a hearing called an Order to Show Cause.  At such a hearing you can either admit or deny the allegations.  If you deny, the government has to put on evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that you violated probation.  Such evidence may include witnesses and documents.  It acts very much like a bench trial.  The judge is the finder of fact and judges the credibility of the evidence put on by the state.  At an order to show cause hearing your attorney will have an opportunity to cross examine any witnesses who testify and otherwise dispute any other evidence presented.

Parole violation allegations are brought before the parole board rather than a judge.  The proceeding acts more like an administrative hearing than a judicial proceeding but the parole board decides whether parole was violated.  You have a right to have an attorney represent you any Utah probation or parole violation hearing.

Criminal Defense Lawyers for a Utah Probation or Parole Violation

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