Utah Child Support Calculator

The Utah Child Support Calculator

Child Support in Utah is calculated by the court based on statutory guidelines using the Utah Child Support Calculator. The first step in determining child support is to establish the gross monthly income, before taxes and deductions, of you and your spouse. An experienced Child Support Attorney in Utah at Salcido Law Firm can help you get a quick estimate on how support and other financial matters might be calculated in your divorce or other family legal matter.

Utah Child Support Calculator
Utah Child Support Calculator

Gross Monthly Income is income from any source, including: salaries, wages, commissions, royalties, bonuses, rents, gifts from anyone, prizes, dividends, severance pay, pensions, interest, trust income, alimony from previous marriages, annuities, capital gains, social security benefits, workers’ compensation benefits, unemployment compensation, income replacement disability insurance benefits, and payments from some government programs.

In determining child support in a divorce proceeding or otherwise, each parent will need to provide verification of their current income. This can be accomplished by providing pay stubs or employer statements and complete copies of tax returns from at least the most recent year unless the court finds the verification is not reasonably available.

If we know your financial information and the financial information of your spouse, we can help you determine how much your monthly child support payments should be. We can calculate an estimated child support payment and represent you in your proceedings to determine child support with the court and with the Office of Recovery Services. The Utah Child Support Calculator can be found on the ORS Website.

Utah Child Support Modifications

Child Support orders may be changed under appropriate circumstances. If your financial situation has changed such that you can no longer reasonably pay your child support obligations, you may be able to have your support orders modified. To seek a modification of your child support orders in Utah please contact one of our Utah child support attorneys today. A Divorce Attorney in our office can run your new financial information through the Utah Child Support Calculator and determined what your new obligation or award should be.

Salt Lake City Child Support Lawyer

The attorneys at Salcido Law Firm are experienced in the issues involving child support. If you have questions regarding your child support payments, call and speak to one of our experienced Utah child support lawyers today. We can usually calculate your child support obligation with just a few bits of info from you. Our office will use the Utah Child Support Calculator to figure your child support amount right over the phone.

Recovering Child Support Without Lawyers

The Utah Department of Human Services Office of Recovery Services is responsible for making sure parents pay their court-ordered child support payments each month.  ORS is endowed with power by the state legislature to be able to carry out this responsibility.  A custodial parent can apply with ORS to have ORS garnish the noncustodial wages for the court-ordered child support amount.  By doing this the custodial parent receives his money on time every month.  He does not have to worry about collecting child support or having to go back to court to hold his ex in contempt.

Getting ORS services is simply a matter of filling out the necessary applications that are available online.  Once ORS services are established the child support payments  will be withdrawn automatically each month.  This is a great way for custodial parents to save court costs and attorney’s fees.

Recovering Child Support Through Court Action

Many people do not have ORS services set up to automatically collect child support each month. For those people, their remedy is through the courts, through an action called an Order to Show Cause. Basically, if a party to a divorce decree does not abide by the decree’s terms the other party can ask the court to force him to appear at court to explain why he is not complying with the decree. In the case of a failure to pay child support, if it is established that the party did not pay child support the court can hold him in contempt, order him to pay his ex’s attorney’s fees, order him to pay the child support owed by a date certain, and even send him to jail for failing to comply with the terms of the court order. You don’t have to take on these legal challenges on your own. A Child Support Attorney in Utah at our firm is willing and able to jump into your matter and pick up your fight. On occasion we see circumstances where an ex spouse tries to take advantage of the other by requesting child support well in excess of what the Utah Child Support Calculator dictates. If this is your case, you will need us on your team.

You may be dealing with a spouse who doesn’t pay child support and you don’t have ORS services established. You should get ORS set up as soon as possible so that ORS can begin to collect the money owed your children. As for the amounts owed, ORS cannot recover those sums unless you get a court order, so filing an OSC quickly will be your best bet for that to happen.