Protective Order Utah

Help with a Protective Order Utah

Utah law provides victims of domestic violence with options to obtain a Protective Order Utah from the court. An abused individual is entitled to a protective order. A protective order and temporary orders can provide you the protection you require and may include the following:

Protective Order Utah
Protective Order Utah
  • Order your spouse or abuser not to harm you.
  • Order your spouse or abuser to stay away from you.
  • Order your spouse or abuser not to contact you.
  • Oder your spouse or abuser not possess any weapons.
  • Order your spouse or abuser to give you sole temporary possession of your home or other property.
  • Order temporary custody, parent-time, and child support.
  • Order temporary alimony.
  • Order that the children stay in state and not be moved.

Violations of a Restraining Order or Protective Order Utah carry serious consequence for the offender including possible jail time.

How do I get a Protective Order Utah?

Victims of domestic violence are sometimes reluctant to identify their spouses or abusers. Our role as a Utah Protective Order Attorney is to provide our clients with legal and non legal assistance to protect our clients from abusive offenders and situations If you have been the victim of domestic violence or abuse, contact our office today and Get Protected! A Utah Protective Order Attorney from our firm can file for a Protective Order Utah on your behalf and also provide you with additional non legal options to ensure you are protected. You can file for a protective order by either calling our office or by contacting the Victim’s Advocate.

There is a very specific process for obtaining a protective order and if the process is not followed the petition will be denied.  Our lawyers will protect you through the protective order process and do everything we can to ensure that you are no longer the victim of domestic violence and abuse. Contact us anytime to speak to one of our attorneys.