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Utah is one of the best states to live in terms of keeping and bearing arms.  Many states like California and New York have extremely strict prohibitions on the use, carrying, and owning of firearms. Even here, however, you may need a Utah gun crimes lawyer.

Utah gun crimes lawyer
Gun crimes have many collateral consequences of which any defendant should be aware.

In spite of Utah’s liberal gun laws, there are still many instances in which the carrying of a firearm can result in jail time.  For example, the mere carrying of a dangerous weapon such as a gun while you are intoxicated is a misdemeanor.  In fact, if you are doing any illegal drugs, such as smoking marijuana in your house, and there is a firearm in your home, your drug charge can be changed from a misdemeanor count to a felony charge just because of the presence of a firearm.

You can also be cited with an infraction just for carrying a firearm into a house of worship.  It does not matter if you have a concealed weapons license.

Shooting a gun under certain circumstances can also result in a felony charge, requiring you to hire a Utah gun crimes lawyer.  There are other laws dealing with the sale and buying of guns as well as the prohibited possession of certain weapons by certain individuals including minors and convicted felons.  Simply put Utah’s gun laws can be complex and long and you need a knowledgeable attorney who can help you make sense of the different consequences of your charges.

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Firearm Advocates

There are a number of firearm advocates in Utah. These organizations are concerned with protecting Second Amendment rights and are known to get involved to influence legislation regarding the right to possess firearms. Below is a list of some of these organizations.

Gun Owners of America – This organization is probably the most unwavering gun rights organization.  They take a hard line in advocating only those laws that give individuals the most liberal of gun rights.  Likewise, they work against any and all legislation that aims to restrict the individual’s rights to keep and bear arms.

National Association for Gun Rights – The NAGR is an organization that seeks to educate others on pending federal, state, and local legislation impacting the right to bear arms.  Members of this organization receive information regarding legislation that can impact them and their communities.

National Rifle Association – The NRA has one of the biggest pro-gun lobbies in the country.  They contribute to campaigns, run national advertising, and have a large membership with whom they communicate on some important firearm issues.

Gun Education

Hunter Education – If you want to hunt in Utah you will need to take a hunter’s safety course.  There are two different types of courses you can take.  There is a traditional course which is a 12 hour minimum course that can be taken over the course of a few weeks.  There is also a five hour online course coupled with a field day that you can take.

Concealed Weapons Permit – Any person who wants a concealed carry license may obtain one through taking a qualified course which includes training on (1) hand gun safety rules, (2) hand gun parts and operation, (3) ammunition, (4) the fundamentals of shooting a handgun, (5) the safe handling of firearms, and (6) the basic laws governing firearms in Utah.

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