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Sex crimes have the worst collateral consequences of any crimes.

A Utah sex crimes lawyer at Salcido Law Firm is ready to fight for your rights if you have been accused of one of these serious offenses.  We are ready to give you the aggressive defense you need to ensure that all of your rights are protected.  Sex crimes can range from misdemeanors to felonies and the consequences vary.

A conviction of a sex crime carries consequences that can last a lifetime.  It can affect your job prospects and can negatively impact your career path.  It can also prevent you from living in a desired area. Thus getting a Utah sex crimes lawyer should not even be a question when you are facing jail or prison time and sex offender registration.

Just being charged with a sex crime can be enough to taint your reputation and hurt your ability to live a normal life.  You could be required to be a registered sex offender which would mandate that you provide the sex offender registry with all of your personal information including a photograph to put on the internet for the entire world to see.  You cannot risk your defense to anyone else.

At Salcido Law Firm we keep your case completely confidential.  We make sure to protect you in every way.  We know how important your reputation is.  We also know that you are innocent until proven guilty. So call a Utah sex crimes lawyer at our firm for a free consultation.

Types of Offenses for Which You Will Need a Utah Sex Crimes Lawyer

In Utah, there are a number of statutory sex crimes.  Those include:

  1. Sexual assault – The crime is actually aggravated sexual assault and basically is the use of heightened violence during a rape or forcible sexual abuse.  For example, if the defendant uses a dangerous weapon such as a knife or gun to commit the rape he will be charged with aggravated sexual assault.
  2. Rape – We provide defense services for rape charges and have been involved in some of the highest profile rape cases in the state.  Rape allegations are not always what they seem.  Very often rape allegations turn out to be false.  We are masters of due diligence when it comes to he-said she-said cases.  Call us if you are facing rape charges.
  3. Sex with a minor – You will typically hear this referred to as statutory rape and is most often presented on the news when a teacher has sex with his student.  In Utah, minors are held to not be able to engage in sexual activity so any sexual contact with a minor can be illegal if one of the very defined exceptions does not apply.
  4. Child molestation – Just this type of charge can ruin a person’s reputation forever.  It’s important, therefore, that your legal counsel not only defends against the charges brought but does sufficient damage control so that when you are finally acquitted or the charges are dismissed you can move on with your life confident that the public knows you are an innocent person who was wrongly accused.
  5. Child pornography – Viewing even one image is a felony and prosecutors can bring a separate count for each and every image that is found in your possession.  Investigations into child pornography by law enforcement usually lasts for months.  They will focus on an individual for a long time and subpoena that person’s ISP records to view web history and downloads.  After they have sufficient evidence they’ll provide it to the district attorney who will then bring charges.  A conviction requires having to register as a sex offender.
  6. Indecent exposure and lewd conduct – Exposing yourself to others without their consent or in public tends to be frowned upon by the state.
  7. Internet related sex offenses – There are plenty of sex crimes that can be committed in cyberspace such as enticing a minor over the internet.  The cyber world has raised interesting new issues on how such crimes should be treated.

Whether you have been charged with an internet related sex offense, rape, or any other sex crime, we can help you.

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Salcido Law Firm wants to help.  Too many innocent people are convicted of crimes, including sex crimes, and we want to make sure that your rights are protected and that the state satisfies its burden of proof in establishing that here is no reasonable doubt.

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If you’d like to learn more about sex crimes in Utah and their penalties check out the links below:

Child Pornography aka Sexual Exploitation of a Minor – Viewing and possessing images and videos of minors engaged in sexually explicit acts – known as child sexual abuse material (CSAM) – is against the law. If you are charged of this offense, hope it is in state court rather than federal court as the feds require incarceration for a much longer time than state courts.

Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of a Minor – While possessing or viewing CSAM is a second degree felony, the production or distribution of child pornography is a first degree felony and carries up to life in prison.

Lewd Conduct – You’d be surprised at some of the things that is considered “lewd conduct” in this state, but it is what it is and when you get hit with these type of charges a defense attorney from Salcido Law Firm is your surest bet to getting through the process.

Rape – Prosecutors typically don’t deal on rape cases so if you have been charged with rape you better expect to take the case to trial. Salcido Law Firm’s criminal defense team is not only experienced in all types of trials but actually enjoys going to trial. Many lawyers these days avoid trial at all costs. Those attorneys call us when they need trial attorneys.

Object Rape – This involves the penetration of a victim’s genital or anal opening by something other than the defendant’s mouth or genitals. Prison may be mandatory under certain factual scenarios for this first degree felony.

Forcible Sodomy/Sodomy on a Child – This crime involves nonconsensual oral and/or anal sex.

Sexual Assault / Forcible Sexual Abuse – These are felony charges in most cases. Don’t get caught without adequate legal representation when you’re accused of inappropriately touching someone against their will.

Sexual Battery – This charge often comes about because the “victim” suffers from a guilty conscience. While there are many legitimate charges we tend to find that many of these types of cases are quite ridiculous. A Utah sex crimes attorney at Salcido Law Firm can see the case for what it is.

Sexual Solicitation – Solicitation charges derive from sting operations most of the time. The length to which law enforcement will go to catch prostitutes and their patrons is really mind boggling.

Stalking – For some reason people are prone to getting obsessed with their former partners. Sometimes that obsession leads to criminal charges.

Rape of a Child – Sexual intercourse with a child under 14 years old is automatic prison, without exception.

Object rape of a child – As with other sexual crimes a “child” is considered someone under the age of 14. If convicted of this crime the minimum prison time, absent a couple of exceptions, is 25 years to life.

Statutory Rape – Said she was 18 and looked like she was 25? Too bad, she was only 14 and now you’re facing potential prison time. We handle these types of cases all of the time. Protect yourself with a Utah sex crimes attorney at SLF.

Sexual Abuse of a Minor – This applies to any adult who has touched the private areas of a 14 or 15-year-old minor and who is at least four years older than the minor.

Sexual Abuse of a Child / Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child – This applies to any adult who has touched the genitals, anus, buttocks, or female breasts of a child 13-years-old and younger. It is a second degree felony unless it is aggravated at which point it is a first degree felony and can result in life in prison without parole.

Unlawful Adolescent Sexual Activity – Minors can be charged for engaging in sexual activity with other minors depending on their age disparity.

Voyeurism – “Voyeurism” is an interesting word, not used in everyday parlance, but there are plenty of voyeurs out there. Only a small minority of them get caught when they are engaged in their peeping-tomery.

Enticing a Minor Over the Internet – Do people even use chat rooms anymore? Well…yes, but not as much as social media outlets. If you use one of those outlets to try to strike up a sexual relationship with a minor you’re going to have a sheriff serve you a summons or a SWAT team bust down your door. Better Get Protected! by a Utah sex crimes lawyer at SLF.

Sexual Extortion/Aggravated Sexual Extortion – This occurs when someone threatens another’s reputation, property, or life or threatens to distribute an intimate image of the victim unless the victim engages in some kind of sexual activity or shares nude or sexual explicit images with the perpetrator. It can be a third, second, or first degree felony.

Incest – Probably the rarest type of sex crime charges, but it does happen. You know who to call.

Prostitution – One of the most common type of sex crimes in Utah, the vice squads are actively looking for prostitutes throughout the state. As long as the oldest profession in the world is criminalized we’ll be here defending those accused of it.

When is it without consent? – Most sex crimes are committed without the consent of the victim, but whether there is consent is much more complicated than one might think.

Resources for Sexual Violence

For victims of sexual violence, there are a number of resources available including: