Utah Fish and Game Lawyer

Do you need a Utah Fish and Game Lawyer

Utah Fish and Game Lawyer
Hunting and fishing without a license is against the law.

The state of Utah claims ownership of all fish and wildlife within its borders and at times will give its residents the privilege of hunting and fishing with the proper licenses.  Without a license from the state the state takes serious action against those who hunt and fish.  Using wildlife without the state’s permission can result in felony charges and even prison time.

Other fish and game crimes in the state of Utah include:

  • Taking, transporting, selling, or purchasing protected wildlife without the state’s authorization;
  • Taking protected wildlife while trespassing;
  • Wanton destruction of protected wildlife;
  • Habitual wanton destruction of protected wildlife;
  • Waste of wildlife;
  • Failure to stop at road blocks or checking station;
  • Altering a license, certificate, or tag;
  • Interfering with hunters and hunting;

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

One thing most people don’t realize is the seriousness of wildlife crimes.  They are in fact crimes for which you’ll need a Utah fish and game lawyer. As such, you are innocent until proven guilty, have a right to a trial by jury, have a right to compel witnesses to testify at trial, have a right to cross examine witnesses, and have a right to be found guilty only beyond a reasonable doubt. You have to approach your case with the understanding that like a DUI or drug crime there are real consequences including fines, probation or parole, jail or prison, loss of hunting privileges and other penalties.  If you don’t lawyer up as soon as you can you run the risk of hurting your defense.  You may be interrogated by law enforcement and give up crucial admissions that can give the state the evidence they need to convict you.

Call a Utah fish and game lawyer to help you if you have been charged with a wildlife crime.  We will protect you every step of the way in your court case.  Call us for a consultation at 801.413.1753

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