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If you have been charged with a DUI or another crime you will need a Utah criminal defense lawyer at Salcido Law Firm PLLC to ensure that your rights are protected against the strong arm of the state.

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The Utah judicial system is extremely hard on criminal defendants. You cannot risk your liberty to just anyone. Call Salcido Law Firm for a free consultation today at 888.337.3235 or locally at 801.413.1753 to get a dedicated Utah criminal defense lawyer on your side protecting your rights as soon as possible.

We love to fight the state. Our passion for defending liberty and tyranny in all forms carries over into the court room. We want to make sure that the state is forced to bring every ounce of evidence against you so that you will only be convicted if there is no reasonable doubt whatsoever that you are guilty. Anything less is unjust and wrong. A Utah criminal defense lawyer from our firm is ready to defend you against any crime including:

  • DUI Alcohol – DUIs are one of the most common criminal charges that are brought by prosecutors in Utah.  There are DUI charges that can be brought by a city prosecutor in a city justice court.  Typically first and second DUIs are brought in justice courts.  DUIs involving injury or a third DUI within a 10 year period are brought in district courts.  DUIs involving alcohol are the most common form of DUI.  In Utah if you have a .05 breath or blood alcohol concentration (BrAC, BAC) you can be cited for driving under the influence. A good Utah criminal defense lawyer such as those at Salcido Law Firm brings a level of experience and knowledge about DUI cases that is hard to find.
  • DUI Metabolite – A “metabolite” is a measureable element of a controlled substance found in a person’s blood stream.  This would include any prescription drug or illegal drug such as marijuana. If you are pulled over by law enforcement and he develops probable cause to get a warrant for a blood search and a metabolite is found in your blood, that constitutes a DUI, a class B misdemeanor. One of the big differences between a DUI metabolite and a DUI involving alcohol is that if you are convicted of metabolite you will have to be under supervised probation whereas a regular DUI conviction will usually result only in court probation otherwise known as “good behavior” probation. If you need the best Utah criminal defense lawyer for these types of charges, call us.
  • Underage DUI – An underage DUI has a lot of extra penalties associated with it. The driver’s license division will suspend an underage license for two years or until the defendant is 21 years old, whichever is longer. Other consequences are similar as someone over 21 who gets a DUI.
  • Hearings Before the Driver’s License Division – As your attorney we will represent you at the DLD hearing.  The DLD hearing will determine whether you keep your license or lose it for a statutorily prescribed time.
  • Illegal and Prescription Drug Crimes – Drug crimes are probably the second most common of all crimes. Marijuana, prescription drugs, heroin are just some of the many types of different controlled substances that can be used by people and which can land them in jail. Utah Code 58-37 contains the statutes that detail which substances are controlled and which are not. There are a lot of them and you may be surprised on what substances cannot be used or can only be used with the government’s permission.
  • Violent Crimes – At Salcido Law Firm PLLC we represent men and women against violent crime charges such as domestic violence, assault, and homicide.  Violent crime cases involve those where the defendant is claiming self defense. Unsurprisingly, many people who claim they were acting in self defense are charged with a violent crime.
  • Property Crimes – Theft, embezzlement, shoplifting all constitute a property crime. Likewise trespass and damaging property fall under this category. The severity of these type of cases typically turn on the value of the property stolen or damaged. The higher the value, the more likely a judge will impose jail/prison time.
  • Expungements – A Utah criminal defense lawyer at our firm can help you, as we’ve helped many individuals, get their record cleaned. You should call us to see if you qualify to clear your record.
  • Sex Crimes – Sex crimes are probably the most serious claims and the most time consuming for defense attorneys. There is the potential for having to register as a sex offender, prison time, and fines. Having to register as a sex offender by itself can completely change your life, requiring you to wear a scarlet letter indefinitely.
  • Gun Charges – Gun charges can involve state criminal charges and federal criminal charges and can result in you losing your right to carry a firearm, go hunting, and otherwise protect yourself with a firearm.

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We love the courtroom, we love going to trial, and we love to defend individuals against the state. Email a Utah criminal defense lawyer at our firm or call us and we will get going on your defense right away. Get the attorneys who are as passionate about defending you as they would be about defending themselves.

We’re easy to contact and standing by for your call at 888.337.3235 or 801.413.1753.  We look forward to sitting down with you and helping you with whatever charges you are now facing. With offices in Northern Utah, Salt Lake, Provo, and Southern Utah, a Utah criminal defense lawyer from Salcido Law Firm is able to serve the entire state. Call us for defense services no matter where in Utah you live.

Resources for Finding Your Court You usually know you have been charged with a crime because an officer will either arrest you or give you a citation. If he arrests you you will be notified at the jail when you are expected to go to court and which court. If you are given a citation, the citation will state on its face what court you are assigned to and when you will be expected to appear. Another way you can receive notification of your court appearance is through a summons, which is usually delivered by a deputy sheriff in person. A summons is a court order that you appear. If you do not obey the summons a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

How to Find Out if you Have a Warrant If you don’t show up to court when you’re supposed to, the court will typically issue an arrest warrant. You may be wondering if a warrant has been issued for your arrest. The state of Utah has a statewide online warrant system that you can access to find out if there is a warrant for you.

Utah Rules of Criminal Procedure In every Utah criminal case the court, lawyers, and parties are governed by certain rules known as the Utah Rule of Criminal Procedure.  You must refer to these rules for any procedural questions.  They let you know how the court process works and what you must do as a litigant in a criminal case. Every Utah criminal defense lawyer must be intimately familiar with these rules.