Utah Property Crimes

What are the Utah Property Crimes?

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Let's talk about Utah property crimes.
When you think of a property crime think of theft and damaging property.

Utah property crimes can be summed up by the word “theft” but that word connotes many different types of meanings. For example, the typical white collar executive who funnels corporate monies into his personal account has committed “theft” but the law can give it other names such as “fraud” or “embezzlement.” Property crimes are some of the most ancient under English common law because property rights is one of the three great God-given rights recognized since time immemorial under the common law system.

Like sex crimes and violent crimes, property crimes in Utah have a victim and requires restitution. Utah law gives the victim the right to participate in the court proceedings in a more involved way than other witnesses in a case. For example, prosecutors will often consult with victims to see if they approve of a plea bargain arrangement. Additionally, a victim has the right to remain in the courtroom to hear testimony given, even if other witnesses are excluded.

Have you been charged with a property crime in Utah?

If so, let us help. Give us a call at 801.413.1753 or email us to find out how our criminal defense team can help defend you with Utah property crimes charges. In order to properly defend against a property crime charge your legal counsel must be willing to put a lot of time and effort into tracking down the right facts. Absent a confession from the suspect or multiple eye witnesses, it’s tough to pin any one person with a property crime because they are usually committed in the shadows. Our criminal defense lawyers are committed to making sure we have all of the facts that will support our client’s defense. You would be amazed what digging into the facts of any particular case can reveal.

You have the right to have a lawyer defend you against the state’s claims. The moment you call us we will start putting together your defense to protect your rights and ensure that the state does not overstep its bounds.

Defense Against Theft and Fraud Charges

A theft crime can range from petty theft to multi-millions of dollars. The severity of the theft, including the dollar value of the property stolen as well as how it was stolen (i.e., was there force used?) will determine whether you will be charged with a misdemeanor or felony.

Theft charges can ramp up quickly so it is imperative that you contact your Salcido Law Firm defense lawyer as soon as possible.  We can defend you against the many different types of Utah property crimes including:

  1. Theft – There are various types of theft but they all consist of unlawfully taking another’s property with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of same. Shoplifting, for example, is one type of theft that is commonly committed.
  2. Burglary – Of the many Utah property crimes this is one of the more serious charges because it involves entering into the private residence or someone’s business with the intent to commit a theft or other crime. Common law has long recognized that a man’s house is his castle so when someone breaks into a home or otherwise enters unlawfully on to the real property of another the law acts with severity on the defendant.
  3. Robbery – This is a hybrid crime that involves violence in order to commit a theft.
  4. Fraud – Lying and making misrepresentations in order to commit a theft is the basis of a fraud charge.
  5. White Collar Crime – This description of theft is really kind of entertaining. Theft is theft, but theft committed by businessmen get its own category.
  6. Embezzlement – We have been involved in some very large embezzlement cases ranging from defending bank employees who siphoned off hundred of thousands of dollars to small business employees who took the company cash deposits for their own. The key to a good defense in such cases is being able to follow the money.

Whatever the charge, we can help.

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To find out more on Utah Property Crimes, check the links below:

  • Arson – One of the common law crimes dating back hundreds of years, the law has always had a problem with people intentionally setting other people’s property on fire.

  • Aggravated Burglary – Committing burglary coupled with using a dangerous weapon or committing a violent crime ups the penalties significantly, including significantly increased prison time.

  • Check Forgery, Credit Card Theft, Identity Theft – Quickly becoming one of the most common types of crimes. Identity theft hits so many people it is just becoming expected and banks and credit card companies are implementing specific protective measures to protect their customers.

  • Communication Fraud – Very common in Utah for whatever reason. The name of the crime doesn’t tell you a lot, but it is basically when fraud is committed in a business transaction.

  • Retail Theft – Shoplifting. It is surprising how many people actually struggle with this type of crime as an addiction. It is a real addiction that affects those people you would never expect.

  • Theft by Deception – Also very common in Utah, this crime involves tricking someone into releasing money or property. This is often times coupled with abuse of a vulnerable adult, that is, scamming the elderly.

  • Theft of Services – If you ever hire a contractor, lawyer, doctor, etc. and you intentionally use their services intending not to ever pay for them, you can easily get hit with a felony.

  • Insurance Fraud – The insurance companies have convinced the Legislature that they are more important than most people and businesses so they get special protections from being defrauded.