Utah Paternity Suit Attorney

Helpful Utah Paternity Suit Attorney

A paternity suit is a legal action taken by a petitioner to determine the identity of the father of a child. Paternity suits in Utah are brought for a number of different reasons including to establish financial and/or moral responsibility on the part of one or both of the child’s parents. A paternity suit may also be sought to establish parent-time (visitation) rights, or to settle other related matters. These can be complex and there is a lot on the line when talking about your parental right. Thus, anyone facing a paternity suit should speak with a Utah Paternity Suit Attorney for direction.

Making a Paternity Claim

Utah Paternity Suit Attorney
Utah Paternity Suit Attorney

In order to bring a paternity claim in Utah, the individual or parties seeking to establish paternity need to petition the court to issue a judgment of paternity for a child. Normally a hearing will be scheduled and the parties will present evidence to establish their claims of paternity. If paternity is disputed, the court may order DNA testing. If you need help in bringing a paternity claim or with Paternity Test Utah, please contact a Utah Paternity Suit Attorney at our office. We can advise you as to the issues involved in these claims and represent you through the process of your paternity action in Utah.

Benefits of Paternity Action

When a child is born to unwed parents, the child does not automatically possess a legal father. A paternity action may be needed to establish certain legal references and obligations to the father and child. There are also other reasons to initiate a paternity action which a Utah Paternity Suit Attorney in our office can explain. It is important for the child and parents to know the health history of the mother and father so that the child can receive proper medical care and treatment if needed. Establishing paternity also allows the child to legally be covered by health insurance and social security.

Utah Paternity Laws

An understanding of the laws regarding paternity actions in Utah is key to your success in your claim. At Salcido Law Firm we understand the laws regarding paternity and can effectively represent you in the process. In Utah, the mother, child, or father may bring an action to determine paternity. The state Office of Recovery Services also has standing to pursue a claim for paternity regarding child support obligations. The state of Utah provides a great deal of helpful information on their Paternity Website regarding testing, laws, etc.

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