Utah Divorce Class

Enrolling in the Utah Divorce Class

Utah law requires that parents filing for divorce attend two classes. Where possible, these classes will be combined. The Utah Divorce Class refers to the Divorce Orientation Course and the Education course for divorcing parents. While these are two separate courses, they are typically presented one right after the other.

Divorce Education Class Utah

Utah Divorce Class
Utah Divorce Class

The Divorce Education Class Utah is broken up into two separate instructions. The basic details of the Utah Divorce Class is provided below.

Divorce Orientation Course

This class is one hour long and explains:

  • Alternatives to divorce.
  • Resources available from courts and administrative agencies for resolving custody and support issues without filing for divorce.
  • Resources available to improve or strengthen the marriage.
  • A discussion of the positive and negative consequences of divorce.
  • A discussion of the process of divorce.
  • Options available for divorce, including mediation, collaborative law and litigation.
  • Post divorce resources.

The Petitioner is required to attend within a limited time period after filing a petition for divorce do not delay. The Respondent is also required to attend within limited time period after being served with the petition for divorce. There is a minimal fee for the course. Spouses may attend together or separately.

Educational Course for Divorcing Parents

This Utah Divorce Class discusses the needs of children during and after a divorce. The class is not marriage counseling. It is intended to give parents a better understanding of the issues divorce presents for children and how parents might make the divorce easier for the children. There is a minimal fee for the class. The class must be attended within certain amount of days. Spouses may attend together or separately.

More Information On The Utah Divorce Classe

If you or your spouse live out of state, are hospitalized or are incarcerated and are unable to attend either course, the requirement may be met by either attending a similar class in the state where you or your spouse are residing, and providing proof of attendance, or by viewing a DVD of the class. A Certificate of Completion will be provided after showing proof that the DVD has been watched. DVDs of the class are also available for Spanish speakers. You may ask the court to excuse you or your spouse from the class if there are special circumstances. Be aware that asking the court to excuse you or your spouse from the class may delay your divorce

There is also an optional class for children whose parents are divorcing in Salt Lake County.

Divorce Education for Children

A Divorce Education for Children class is available for children 9 to 12 years old whose parents have filed for divorce in Salt Lake County. This is a voluntary program; children are not required to attend. There is no fee for this class. Learn more about the divorce class for kids on the Salt Lake Tribune’s Article published last year.

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