Filing for Divorce in Utah

So you are interested in Filing for Divorce in Utah. You are not alone. Hundreds of people all over the state research the Utah Divorce Process every day. Divorce should be an easy process with all the online tools but the truth is it can be a bit overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with the court system. The best practice is to retain an experienced Utah Divorce Attorney to represent you through the divorce process. However, we realize not everyone can afford the services of a good divorce lawyer and have to seek other options filing for divorce in Utah. Here you should be able to find information on filing for divorce online, with help from Utah Legal Services for those who may qualify, and of course the steps to take if you will be using a divorce lawyer in Utah. For more detailed information, or to speak directly with an attorney about your specific concerns or questions, call Salcido Law Firm anytime.

Filing for Divorce Online

Filing for Divorce in Utah
Filing for Divorce in Utah

There are many bad options for filing for divorce online. We recommend you stay away from all do-it-yourself divorce programs except the court’s Online Court Assistance Program (OCAP). Do not get sucked in to purchasing certain forms online which will likely not include everything you need. The OCAP system offered by the Utah State Courts is the only decent option. However, even the OCAP system is limited and does not work for everyone. The main thing to know about OCAP is it will only work for uncontested divorces. This means the OCAP system is only designed for people who agree on everything in their divorce and just need to submit the required paperwork. OCAP will not work for individuals are Filing for Divorce in Utah and do not agree on everything. Even if you agree on most things, but not everything, you should not try and use the OCAP system. Additionally, the OCAP system does not allow for much flexibility on any of the issues. Let’s say you are in agreement with your soon to be ex on all the issues but have tricky terms you want to include regarding how your marital home will be dealt with. You may want to avoid the OCAP system and seek the guidance of a Salt Lake City Divorce Lawyer instead. Filing for Divorce in Utah online can be tricky if you have any complex issues to resolve.

Filing with Help of Utah Legal Services

Filing for divorce in Utah with the help of Utah Legal Service may be a good option for select individuals. Utah Legal Services is service for low income individuals who generally help parties with domestic legal matters such as protective orders and other issues involving abuse where that person is the victim. In some select cases, Utah Legal Services may also help with a divorce in Utah. If your case does not involve domestic violence, and/or you do not fall below the poverty line, there is probably not a good change you will qualify for aid from Utah Legal Services. Also, even if you do qualify for the help of Utah Legal Services, you should understand that your experience may differ greatly than it would with a paid private divorce attorney filing for divorce in Utah. Similar to the public defender system, Utah Legal Services have a high case load and may not be as responsive or engaged as an attorney with a financial interest in your representation.

Hiring a Utah Divorce Lawyer

We think the best course of action in Filing for Divorce in Utah is to hire the services of a Utah Divorce Lawyer with experience and professionalism. Of course we are going to recommend hiring us to represent you in the Utah Divorce Process over using OCAP or Utah Legal Services, after all we are Divorce Attorneys and do this for a living. However, the truth is we believe having representation can potentially save you time and money in the long run because you can avoid pit falls or future problems by being fully informed. We have had countless clients come to us for help after filing online or using Utah Legal Services who need help in modifying a divorce decree.. Such future problems could have been avoided if the party would have been fully informed on all aspects of their case. If you are considering filing for divorce in Utah, at least speak with a member of our team and get your questions answered before you decide how to proceed.