Divorce Mediation Utah

The Role of Divorce Mediation Utah

Divorce Mediation Defined

Under Utah law, when an answer is filed in a divorce case and the parties cannot reach an agreement, the parties must attend Divorce Mediation Utah to resolve any contested issues. The parties are required to attend at least 1 mediation session before the case can move forward in the courts.  A judge may waive the mediation requirement if the parties can demonstrate there is good cause to do so.

Divorce mediation Utah is the process of taking your case before a neutral third party who assists the parties in reaching a voluntary and mutual agreement regarding the issues in their divorce. The Utah Dispute Resolution also provides information on mediation and divorce mediation services to the public.

Best Divorce Mediators in Utah

Divorce Mediation Utah
Divorce Mediation Utah

Since mediation is required in most divorces in Utah and can result in a settlement agreement in your case, it is essential that you go into mediation with an experienced and effective mediator. The Salt Lake City Divorce Attorneys at Salcido Law Firm are familiar with many of the most qualified and best divorce mediators in Utah and can schedule mediation with mediators who have been proven to be effective and knowledgeable.

The Mediator provides a neutral setting for the parties to discuss the issues involved and to facilitate an agreement. The Mediator does not legally represent either party. The Mediator does not have to be an attorney but it may help depending on your case if that person is an attorney. Former attorneys and former judges, in our opinion, tend to be the best divorce mediator in Utah. It makes sense that those with past experience with the family law court would be most adept in Divorce Mediation Utah.

Affect of Mediation

Mediation can have a lasting impact on your rights in a divorce. If you settle with your spouse at mediation without understanding the nature and terms of your settlement, you may have an uphill battle trying to make changes before or after the divorce decree is entered. It is very important to retain an attorney who is familiar with the divorce mediation process and can help you avoid pit falls in the mediation and negotiations.

Salt Lake City, Provo, and Ogden Divorce Mediation Attorneys

If you are going into divorce mediation Utah you should consider having a strong advocate on your side. Contact Salcido Law Firm and talk to one of our family law attorneys today and Get Protected! We can be reached almost anytime by phone at 801.413.1753 or toll free at 888.337.3235, or send us an email.