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Utah Legislators Protecting People from Themselves…Again

In the infinite wisdom of the bureaucrats (who apparently have not read the history of Prohibition) of Ogden and Cache County, spice is now illegal and joins the ranks with marijuana and other controlled substances.  Laws like this are very interesting to Salcido Law Firm because we understand that like all drug laws it will do nothing to inhibit the possession, use, and sell of spice, it will merely drive the market for spice underground.

Cache County Councilman Cory Yeates actually said “I just wish we didn’t have to legislate people out of stupidity.”  Indeed.  It makes much more sense to make a substance illegal, thereby creating a criminal market for the product, rather than let people freely ingest what they wish.  It is much more intelligent to legislate law abiding citizens into criminals with the stroke of his pen.

The impetus for making spice illegal in Cache County was that a man was allegedly hopped up on spice when he shot a goat.  There are already laws that protect destruction of property, however, so it is a logical fallacy that the wise councilmen are somehow protecting life and property by banning spice.  If anything the legislative-induced criminal nature of spice will result in more destruction of property and loss of life because it forces the product into the hands of drug lords who will continue to push it if the market produces a demand for it.

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It’s really a shame that such imbecilic laws create a need for criminal defense attorneys like those at Salcido Law Firm.  We are committed to protecting your rights.  We are committed to fighting stupid laws and protecting individual liberty.  If you have been charged with a drug crime such as possession of spice, marijuana, or meth, give us a call at 801.618.1334 or email us to set up a free consultation.

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