Defense Against Utah Drug Charges

Misdemeanor and Felony Drug Charges

Because of the growing rate in our society of drug abuse and illegal possession of drugs, some misdemeanors involving drugs are starting to be classified as felonies.  Whether a drug crime is a misdemeanor or felony is often dependent on the jurisdiction, however. In Utah, drug crimes are defined by statute.  The drug statutes are quite specific on which drugs will result in misdemeanors and which will result in felony charges.

More Drugs Means More Serious Charges

A misdemeanor drug charge is usually one which involves only the possession of a small amount of what is often considered a “soft” narcotic substance.  A common drug charge that is considered a misdemeanor is the possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.  Larger amounts of marijuana can result in felony charges.  The police or prosecutor can order that the seized drug be weighed in order to determine the drug charge to be a felony or a misdemeanor.

Multiple Defendants

When there is more than one defendant in a drug charge case, it would be best to seek a severance of the charge through an attorney.  When there is more than one person involved there is likely to be conflicting defenses among codefendants. A severance is left up to the discretion of the judge of course, but having an attorney who will take the appropriate steps to make this happen will greatly benefit your case in a drug charge.

Salcido Law Firm – Defense Against Drug Crimes

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