White Collar Crimes in the Recession

Increase of White Collar Crimes in an Economic DownturnUtah White Collar Crimes Attorneys

An Increase in white collar crimes and fraud charges can often be associated with and economic downturn. There is no doubt that we are in the midst of an economic downturn and serious recession. The unemployment rate nationwide has continued to rise over the past several months and many individuals in Utah are having difficulty in finding any meaningful employment. When times are tough, as they are today, many individuals find themselves caught up in compromising financial transactions and questionnable business practices. Often, individuals become involved in business transactions they may not even realize carry serious legal consequences and in some instances criminal charges.

Over the past year, law enforcement agencies in Utah, both state and federal, have brought an increase of charges against individuals for such white collar crimes as mortgage fraud, securities fraud, investor fraud, and even check fraud. If you have been charged with a white collar crime in Utah, you are most likely  facing an aggressive prosecution that is under a lot of pressure to mitigate damages in the recession.

Fraud in General

There are many different types of fraud charges that individuals in Utah may face during this recession. Fraud generally includes a misrepresentation of a material fact upon which another individual relies upon to their detriment. Because of the recent influx of complaints stemming in part from the economic downturn, prosecutors in Utah are anxious to prosecute fraud related crimes and are “making examples” of individuals who otherwise have no criminal background.

Check Fraud

One of the more common fraud related charges brought in Utah over the past year are check fraud charges. Many of us have written a check that we later learned bounced. However, what many individuals do not realize is that bouncing a check can carry with it potential criminal charges. Bounced checks are more common during a recession because so many more people are hurting and barely getting by. If you have written a bad check and are now being charged with check fraud, you are not alone. Many individuals in Utah are facing these charges. If you have been charged with check fraud, we can help.

White Collar Crimes Lawyer in Utah

At Salcido Law Firm, our Utah White Collar Crimes Lawyers understand what it takes to properly defend you against fraud charges in Utah. Don’t be “made an example of” by an over zealous prosecution. Call us today to get our team of Utah Criminal Defense Lawyers started on your defense. Our attorneys are standing by 24/7 and can be reached at 801.618.1334.

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