New Fireworks Law in Utah

Earlier this year the Utah State Legislature voted to change firework laws in Utah. The new law now allows for aerial fireworks and it changed the legal season for lighting fireworks to June 26th to July 26th. The new allowed fireworks are called “cakes,” which are multishot devices that shoot mortars from a base. They are not the same as those that people have been smuggling into the state from Wyoming for years, but according to law makers these fireworks are much safer and just as spectacular.

Local Concerns

Since this is the first change in Utah’s firework laws in the past 30 years, there are a number of people that are concerned. Fire marshals are preparing for the worst and believe that there could be issues with the amount of dry dead stuff there is underneath the green we see in the mountains. A number of cities have established ordinances and other rules to keep the possibly dangerous effects in check. For example in Bountiful they are restricting fireworks use by the mountain.

Now the Law

Because there is so much uncertainty as to the new rules and a lot of concern about possible fires, make sure you know what is legal. Police are likely to be out in full force making sure that citizens are complying with the new rules. With the new law and new city ordinances it is important to know what you can and can’t do, otherwise you might be facing a hefty fine. 

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