Utah Courts Offering Divorce Class for Kids

This summer the Utah State Courts are offering free Divorce Education Classes for Children whose parents have filed for divorce or are divorced. The classes are being held twice a month on Mondays throughout the summer at the Matheson Courthouse in Salt Lake City. According to the courts website the class “helps identify feelings common to children in divorce situations, while teaching communication skills.” The classes are free of charge and are taught by experienced mental health professionals.

Easing the Pain of Divorce

Although divorce will most likely be the most difficult time in the lives of those who go through it, making the right decision can help ease the burden. Classes like the ones offered by the Utah courts can help the children of divorced parents understand the process and deal with the feelings that are involved. Although divorce may not always be the best case scenario it doesn’t have to turn into the worst case scenario, by choosing to do things the right way, kids and parents can deal with the feelings and problems that arise from divorce and lessen the negative impact that may be involved.

Doing it Right | Hiring an Attorney

Another way to make sure that the divorce is handled correctly is to have an attorney assist you. A divorce decree will likely affect the rest of your life and you need to make sure that things are done properly and that you understand the repercussions. The experienced Utah divorce lawyers at Salcido Law Firm have dealt with numerous divorces and know how to communicate with their clients. Call us today to make sure that your divorce is handled correctly and that any possible negative effects are mitigated.

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