Man Accused of Fracturing Son’s Skull

Earlier this month a Uintah County Sheriff deputy was called to the home of Robbie Trujillo on a report of domestic dispute. According to the deputy Trujillo had pushed his wife while arguing with her. During the investigation the officer noticed that one of the children in the home had some dried blood inside his ear, upon which he questioned the boy about what had happened. Trujillo explained that the boy had fallen off the curb.  The boy was subsequently taken to the hospital where he disclosed that his father had kicked him in the head, doctors found that the boy had multiple skull fractures. The boy was eventually flown to Primary Children’s Medical Center, where he was treated and later released. Trujillo is being charged with child abuse along with some other charges.

Utah Child Abuse Laws

Child abuse is a very serious offense and very few prosecutors feel obligated to give a deal to someone who has injured a defenseless child. Of course if even transpired in such a manner that a person did in fact commit the crime of child abuse they should receive their punishment, however it’s not always that simple. Because of that everyone deserves their day in court to tell their side of the story and fight for their rights, and that is where a defense attorney can help. A Utah criminal defense attorney can help make sure that a client’s story is told and that they receive a fair chance at clearing their name or make sure that they aren’t being charged beyond what they actually did.

Utah Criminal Defense Attorney | Violent Crimes

If you have been charged with Child Abuse or some other violent crime, then it is important that you call an attorney immediately. You are facing a very serious charge and could be severely punished, so if you believe you are innocent or that you are being charged with something beyond what you did then call Salcido Law Firm today. We will help defend your rights and get you the best outcome available.

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