Utah Crimes and Plea Deals

Being charged with a crime is a tough thing for anyone to deal with. There are worries about possible penalties; what kind of fines or jail time you could be facing; how a conviction could effect your record and your future; as well as, in most cases, a burning desire to fight the charges and clear your name. However, through all these stresses and concerns it is important at this time to be able to clearly consider your options and the ramifications of each. Due to these concerns it is extremely important to have competent legal help to make sure you understand your options as well as someone who can fight to defend your rights, or strike up a deal with the prosecution.

Deal Making

A large part of criminal defense work happens way before anyone gets before a judge in a trial setting. Probably the most beneficial part of hiring a defense attorney is having someone who understands the law and has a relationship with the prosecutors to a point that the lawyer can make a compromise to get a charged dismissed, reduced, or held in abeyance. The benefit of plea agreements is that you can be sure of the outcome of your case and you don’t have to roll the dice and risk a conviction of the full offense before the judge.

While going to trial may be beneficial depending on the circumstances of the case and the idea of winning the trial and being declared innocent is always enticing the alternative is being found guilty and possibly receiving the full punishment of law. One of the better options that defense attorneys fight for is called a plea in abeyance, this is a plea deal where the prosecution agrees to hold a guilty plea on the back burner so to speak while the defendant completes certain terms (fines, classes, good behavior probation, etc..). Then if the defendant completes the terms and the time requirement the case is dismissed.

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