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Protective Orders in a Utah Divorce

A divorce in Utah can get very complicated very quickly.  Like any family law matter in Utah, such as a child custody or child support fight, divorces have very high levels of emotion running between the two parties.  Uncontested divorces are preferable to any contested divorce because the parties agree to separate and don’t fight over any terms of ending the marriage.  All too common, however, splitting couples fight over every little detail, often times only to make life more difficult for the other party.  Because emotions can run high and people don’t always think logically about what would be best for their case, it is always a good idea to hire a Utah family law attorney.  An attorney can help subdue emotions and can help people make smart decisions especially when it comes to protective orders.  Protective orders in a divorce make the family law matter even worse.

Mandatory Arrest for Protective Order Violation

Sometimes in a Utah divorce parties use a protective order as bargaining chip to obtain what they want or to make life difficult for the other party.  Parties will even attempt to get the other party to commit a protective order violation.  This is unfortunate but it happens too often in Utah.  One party will get an order in place and then get the opposing party to violate it by having the person come over to the house or to meet them some other way.

A violation of a protective order results in a mandatory arrest.  Utah law states that a police officer shall arrest a violator whenever there is probable cause to believe a protective order violation has occurred.  A violation of a protective order is a class A misdemeanor and if convicted can seriously affect the perpetrator in the future when faced with other legal dilemmas.  A Utah family law attorney can help protect those who have violated a protective order or who want to remove the protective order restriction.

A Utah Family Law Attorney Will Help You

If you are going through a divorce and have had a protective order placed on you, avoid arrest by calling a Utah family law attorney from Salcido Law Firm.  Our divorce lawyers know how to protect you from violating an order and will fight hard to have the order removed.  A Utah divorce can be hard, but don’t make it any harder by not having a Utah family law attorney fighting for your interests.  Call 801.618.1331 to start receiving the help you need in your divorce case today.

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