Solving Disputes Through Mediation

One of the little known facts about divorce in Utah is that the state requires the parties to go through mediation before the case can be decided by a judge. Most parties involved in a divorce don’t believe that mediation will work for them because they’ve already tried to reason with the other party and they could not make any headway. However, there is a reason why the state requires mediation and that is because it is often successful and it can save parties lots of time and money. If a divorcing couple can reach an agreement before fighting over every issue in court they can not only save resources, but they can better prepare themselves for the relationship they may continue to have with their ex spouse, especially in cases that involve minor children.

Why Mediation?

While divorcing parties may most likely be getting divorced because they couldn’t agree on  things, the mediation environment allows parties to understand the give and take that is required to reach an agreement. When couples dispute issues on their own they become very stubborn and make the process very personal and emotional. With the help of attorneys and mediators divorcing parties can understand what options they have, the state of the law, the likely outcomes if they do take it to the court, and what issues they should concede and which they should stand fast on.

Utah Divorce Attorney | Mediators and Lawyers

If you are going through a divorce in Utah then call the attorneys at Salcido Law Firm. All of our lawyers are also mediators and know how to help you get your case resolved through mediation. We can help you understand the possible outcome of your case and which issues will be most important to you into the future. Don’t just hope for the best in your divorce, call us today and make sure that your interests are protected.

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