High Speed Chase Ends in Utah

Wyoming Shooting Suspect Caught

An Oregon fugitive was apprehended on Sunday after a high speed chase that ended with a police spike strip. Roy Fritts and his wife Jessica were traveling with a friend when an argument broke out and the friend Edmund Thornell was said to be shot multiple times. Thornell flagged down a car near Evanston Wyoming asking for help and the identity of his attackers and the vehicle they were in was sent out to police officers. The van was later found and a high speed chase ensued that crossed state lines into Utah. The Summit County Sheriffs laid spikes that eventually stopped the van after which the suspects tried to escape on foot and carjack another vehicle at gunpoint. Fritts and his wife were eventually apprehended and are now in custody. Authorities said that Fritts is a wanted fugitive who had escaped from supervised prison release.

Going from Bad to Worse

Behind most criminal charges is a story of bad decisions. What starts out as a small mistake or even a big mistake can escalate into even further problems and bad decisions. In the case of Fritts, one bad decision led to the next and now he is facing some very serious criminal charges. One of the best decisions that can be made for someone that has made their first mistake is consulting with an attorney, who can help you understand your rights and what your options are.

Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have made a mistake or bad decision then call the attorneys at Salcido Law Firm for help. We offer free consultations and we will help you understand the legal process that awaits you. Your rights and liberties are too important to leave up to chance and with our help we can help defend those things you care most about. Call or email us today to set up an appointment.


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