Criminal Mischief in Utah

Felony or Misdemeanor? Different Types of Criminal Mischief

Children in Ogden, Salt Lake, Provo, and St. George often get into trouble because they are curious about the world around them.  They go exploring where they shouldn’t be or mess around with things that shouldn’t be disturbed.  People often refer to a child’s antics as mischief.  When most people think of mischief, they probably think of a Dennis the Menace-type character doing things to annoy others or to cause fright, but Utah law does not look at mischief in such an innocent way.  Utah law views some mischievous acts as criminal.  Criminal mischief can even be a felony in Utah requiring the services of a Utah criminal defense attorney.

What is Considered Criminal Mischief in Utah?

Criminal mischief may sound like an weird crime to most in Ogden, Salt Lake, Provo, and St. George but most people in Utah have probably heard of the crime, though most probably don’t what it is.  The Utah State Code says that criminal mischief occurs when a person:

“under circumstances not amounting to arson, damages or destroys property with the intention of defrauding an insurer; or intentionally and unlawfully tampers with the property of another and as a result:
recklessly endangers:
human life; or human health or safety; or
recklessly causes or threatens a substantial interruption or impairment of any critical infrastructure;
intentionally damages, defaces, or destroys the property of another; or
recklessly or willfully shoots or propels a missile or other object at or against a motor vehicle, bus, airplane, boat, locomotive, train, railway car, or caboose, whether moving or standing.”

The code’s description of mischief probably doesn’t sound like most people’s idea of mischief.  The code talks about destroying critical infrastructure and propelling missiles, things which Dennis the Menace would probably never be capable of doing.  Criminal mischief can sound like a harmless crime but the penalties can be severe.  Depending on the value of the damage done to property or the section of the statute that was violated, an offender’s charge can range from a Class B misdemeanor to a 2nd-degree felony.  Criminal mischief charges can be very serious so it is important for those charged with it to be protected by a Utah criminal defense attorney.

Let Us Help You With Your Charges

If felony or misdemeanor criminal mischief charges have been filed against you, don’t lose hope.  Contact a Utah criminal defense attorney from Salt Lake based Salcido Law Firm for your criminal defense needs.  Our lawyers will evaluate your case with extreme detail to determine if your acts are a felony or a misdemeanor and will do everything in their power to ensure your rights are protected.  Call 801.618.1334 for a free consultation with a Utah criminal defense attorney today.

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