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Living in a civilized society brings certain responsibilities but also many benefits.  People living in Ogden, Salt Lake Provo, St. George and the rest of Utah are expected to give up their right to whatever they want in exchange for the protection of a society that has laws and punishments when those laws are broken.  When those laws are broken, people will need a Utah criminal defense lawyer.  As members of a civilized society, we can rely on the police to protect us from others hurting us or taking our property.

Damage to or Interruption of a Communication Device

Because the right to contact police and other emergency services is so important, the Utah State Legislator has passed different laws to protect people from being hindered in their attempts to contact emergency services.  One such law comes from Utah Code 76-6-108.  It is the prohibition of damaging or interrupting a communication device.  If a person is using a device to contact police or other emergency services, and another person damages the device or keeps the person from using the device to contact emergency services, that person can be charged with damage to or interruption of a communication device.  When charged with this crime, individuals should call a Utah criminal defense lawyer.

Damage to or interruption of a communication device is a class B misdemeanor which means a person could face several months in jail and/or thousands of dollars in fines if convicted.  Many of the people charged with interruption of a communication device usually take another person’s phone, often during a domestic violence incident, because he or she does not want the other person to summon emergency aid.  The statute is written in a way that is broad enough to include not only violent criminal ways to stop the use of a device, but also any other act that damages or interrupts the use of a device.  The broadness of the statute enables prosecutors to charge individuals with this crime for many different types of acts.

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