Paternity Issues in Utah

Establishing Paternity

Married Couples

Paternity is basically another word for fatherhood and in Utah paternity rules fall into two categories, married couples and unmarried couples. If a woman that is married has a baby in Utah then the husband of that woman is automatically considered the father of the child and paternity is established, regardless of the actual paternity. This may be considered a somewhat naive rule and in today’s world it does create some problems when the child was fatherhood outside the marriage.

Unmarried Couples

If the parents of the child are not married then paternity of the child can be established one of three different ways, through a voluntary Declaration of Paterinty (VDP), through an Administrative Paternity Order (APO) or by filing a petition with the court. If both parents agree as to the paternity of the child then a VDP can be signed and parental rights are established. The APO is done through the Office of Recovery Services and it is initiated by one of the parents applying for child support services. This method as well as the court petition requires that the paternity be verified through blood or genetic marker testing.

Other Issues Involved with Paternity

Although establishing paternity seems like a simple process it usually involves a number of other things, such as: child support, parent-time, custody, and parenting plans. These issues can be solved through mutual agreement if the couple is still together or otherwise can be solved through mediation or the court. Although both parents usually want what is best for the child, coming to an agreement of what exactly that is can be very difficult. This is why an attorney can be helpful in these situations, to help you understand the future consequences of your actions, and to help you protect your rights and interests. At Salcido Law Firm we offer free consultations and can help you figure out what actions you should take. Call us today – 801.618.1331

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