Criminal Defendants: Have an Attorney On your First Court Date!

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A lot of individuals who have been charged with a crime believe that they can handle the matter alone without an attorney.  Other individuals believe that they can go to their first court date without an attorney and then look for an attorney thereafter.  Recent developments in Salt Lake County demonstrate the need for a criminal defendant to have an attorney on the first date they go to court.

Early Case Resolution Program in Salt Lake

Salt Lake County has implemented what is known as the early case resolution program.  The goal of this program is to resolve criminal cases as quickly as possible. Consequently, the prosecutor makes an offer, which the district attorney’s office considers its “best offer,” on the first court date.  As a result of this program, which was implemented early this Spring, is that criminal defendants are ambushed with an offer, but without legal counsel they are not sure whether they should take the offer. The other issue is: is it really the best offer, and how would you ever know?

Salcido Law Firm Will Protect Your Rights in ECR Cases

If you decide to go through the ECR process you need Salcido Law Firm. Our Criminal Defense are experienced ECR lawyers who maximize the potential resolutions from our plea negotiations.  Throughout the ECR process we will guide you so that you can better understand your rights.  We will advise you as to whether you should accept a plea or take the case to trial.  You must have an attorney during the process.  Otherwise, you won’t know what just hit you. The ECR process is so fast that if you try to do it yourself you will likely end up regretting it.

Contact our defense attorneys to schedule a free consultation and do it early so that you have the advantage of legal counsel from the very beginning of your criminal case.


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