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One of the very first things clients who call our law firm want to know about divorce is what they should do to protect them self, their children, and their assets. For many clients, they are calling our office before they have not taken any steps toward separation or divorce besides calling us. For others, they have already done all kinds of things they heard were legally ok from family or friends. In many of these cases, clients have committed legal errors that often come back to haunt them and we work mitigate some of the damages they may have already caused to their legal position. This article was written to provide clients with some simple dos and don’ts before they actually meet with and hire an attorney for their divorce or separation.

The Dos

The very first thing anyone should do prior to taking steps toward divorce is to meet with an experienced Utah Divorce Lawyer to discuss any and all questions or potential issues. Many attorneys, including the team at Salcido Law Firm, provide free consultations so there really is no reason why anyone should not meet with an attorney prior to taking any steps toward divorce. Another first step toward divorce, and even more important, is to get protection if you are in a marriage where there has been violence or in which you have been threatened with violence. Our attorneys represent many individuals in obtaining protective orders against abusive spouses. Before you do anything, speak with one of our Utah Family Law Attorneys today.

The Don’ts

The don’t list is more important than the do list since following these instructions can help prevent future problems and maintain a strong legal position going forward in your case. Prior to consulting an attorney, clients should generally avoid doing any of the following:

  • Taking all of the money out of the bank accounts.
  • Taking personal property of the other spouse.
  • Destroying or disposing of any marital property.
  • Incurring debts in your spouse’s name.
  • Making threats to your spouse.
  • Changing the locks on your home.

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to consult a lawyer before you take any action that could harm the legal interest of the other party.

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Before you do anything that could harm your legal position, call and speak to one of our Utah Divorce Attorneys. Our team can provide you with a game plan for moving forward in your divorce or other family law matter. We provide free consultations and can be reached by phone anytime.

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