79 DUI Arrests in Utah Over Halloween Weekend

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Over the past Halloween weekend, Utah Highway Patrol Troopers and other law enforcement agents including local police officers across the state stopped more than 1,400 vehicles on the road and made over 79 arrests for DUI in Utah. Cops throughout the state blitzed drivers and made numerous arrests related to alcohol and drugs. Additionally, many other tickets and citations were handed out this weekend for such things as open alcohol containers, minor’s alcohol consumption, speeding tickets, and other charges. Police were called to parties and issued all kinds of tickets and made all kinds of arrests over the weekend.

This is not the first time police throughout the state have stepped up efforts to make stops and driver related arrests over a holiday weekend. Whether it is Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, or New Years, you can count on the Utah Highway Patrol and other police officers to be on an increased lookout for DUIs. We did not hear of any road blocks happening this year but believe such procedures may be used in holidays to come and are common during times such as new years. We always caution drivers to keep it slow and don’t drink and drive especially during the holidays.

This Halloween night of 2010, troopers pulled over 201 vehicles, issued 51 field sobriety tests, and arrested at least 28 individuals for DUI in Salt Lake County alone. This was an aggressive effort to make arrests and stops over the Holladay.

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