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At our law firm you can speak with a Salt Lake City lawyer who can draft a cease and desist command on your behalf. Almost all of us will one day find ourselves in a position where we need the help of an attorney to either prevent another person from taking negative action against us, or in demanding something from another in which you have a right. Often times, all it take is a letter arguing for your benefits from a experienced advocate to help push someone in the right direction. There are many reasons why individuals call us to send demand letters or cease and desist letters on their behalf. Perhaps someone has slandered you, maybe someone refuses to return your property, or you could even be a business owner who is owed money. In all of these cases, the first step before going down the road of law suit is to reach out to the other party and demand their compliance. Get this done today by calling our office at 801.413.175.

Defamation Suits

Has someone falsely accused you or defamed your good character. We can help. Defamation law suits are more common than some realize. We have helped numerous clients clear their good name simply by sending cease and desist letters and demands for individuals to retract certain statements or in some case to retract their written communications. Your reputation is important and we can help you maintain it.

Demand Letters

Are you owed money? Business owner or private loans, we can help. In many cases all it takes is getting a law firm involved and a good demand letter together to get compliance from an individual who has refused to settle a dispute. A demand letter puts the other party on notice of what you require them and lets them know you are serious and will file a law suit if they fail to meet your demands. This can be useful in many different types of disputes. Call us today for more information or simply  send us an email.

Salcido Law Firm – We get results.

When you are done playing games with those who have wronged you, and want results, we can help. Get us to work for you now. We provide free consultations so we can explore the many different options available to your specific case. The Utah attorneys at our firm understand this is your case and we work to meet your goals. Email or call us anytime 24/7. We look forward to working with you and know you will be satisfied with our professional services. Call 801.413.1753.

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