Child Custody in Utah

Possible Child Custody Outcomes

If you are getting a divorce, one of the biggest questions is, “do you have kids?” In divorce proceedings the state becomes particularly interested in the children, if there are any, and the parents are also usually very concerned about doing what is best for the children. Because of this interest, child custody becomes a very hot topic for contested divorce proceedings. In Utah, the basic child custody outcomes are sole or joint custody, each of which can be split into legal or physical custody. If a party is awarded sole custody that means that the child lives with them and they make all the major decision concerning the child. The other parent is awarded visitation time based on what the court decides but not going below a minimum schedule. On the other hand if the parents are awarded joint custody then if it is legal, then both parents make the major decision together, and if its physical than the children live in both homes, sharing time being with each parent.

Utah Divorce Attorney

Obviously, custody battles can have some tough outcomes for all involved. The “best interest” of the child is not always clear and may not be possible at this point. The two things an attorney can help you with in a custody battle is understanding what facts are important when determining the child’s best interest, and how to present those arguments to the court. Without an attorney most parents end up leaving the judge to make a decision without the necessary information.

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