Plea Deal Offered in Provo Arson Case That Killed Two People

Provo Arson Case May be Coming to an End

Fire is a fascinating natural power that has enabled humans to wonderful and terrible things.  Fire’s destructive power as helped and hurt humans for thousands of years.  A Provo, Utah woman is discovering first hand how using fire wrongly can take away property, life, and freedom.  The woman’s act of arson has turned into a nightmare for her as well as her former neighbors at an apartment complex in Provo.

The Utah woman being charged with murder, aggravated assault, and aggravated arson, all first-degree felonies, set fire to her apartment in Provo a few months ago.  Initially she claimed that the fire was an accident but further investigation by Provo police indicated that a number of fire accelerates may have been used showing she intended to start the fire.  If convicted of the felonies she is being charged with, the woman could spend up to life in prison.

Arson Case Will Likely Be Resolved in Plea Deal

District Attorney prosecutors in Provo will probably not have to convict the woman of the felonies because she may take a plea deal.  The details of the plea offer are not yet known but like most plea deals, it probably offers to reduce or drop a charge if the woman will agree to plead guilty to another charge.  Presently, the woman has entered a not guilty plea but it appears that much of the evidence is against her.  She is likely to take the plea arrangement if she thinks that she cannot win a trial.  She will have to consult with her Utah criminal defense lawyer to evaluate what her best option is in her arson case.

Most criminal cases do not ever go to trial because of plea deals.  A prosecutor and a Utah criminal defense lawyer work out agreements so that criminal defendants don’t have to go to trial.  Plea agreements can be good because they keep legal costs down, shield a defendant from the stress of a trial, and accomplish an outcome that is the best case scenario for a defendant.  It seems likely that the Provo woman accused of arson will not go to trial but resolved her case with a plea deal.

Utah Criminal Defense Lawyers Defend Arsonists

If you have been charged of a crime such as arson and think a criminal trial would not be a good option for you, call a Utah criminal defense lawyer from Salcido Law Firm.  A Salcido Law Firm lawyer will work with prosecutors to achieve a plea deal that will be the best option for you.  Call 801.618.1334 to speak for free with a Utah criminal defense lawyer today.

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