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A Utah unlawful detention lawyer at our firm can represent you in your Salt Lake City defense needs and help to ensure you get the best possible resolution to your case. If you have been charged with type of crime in Salt Lake, Provo, Ogden, or St. George, we can help. We represent individuals all over the state in unlawful detention charges and other matters. It is important to understand that unlawful detention requires the prosecution to prove certain elements of the crime. These cases can be legally complex and you should retain a Utah criminal defense attorney to give you the best chance of success in your case.

Unlawful Detention Laws in Utah

Understand the unlawful detention laws in Utah. In Utah, an actor commits unlawful detention if the actor intentionally or knowingly, without authority of law, and against the will of the victim, detains or  restrains the victim under circumstances not constituting a violation  of: kidnapping; child kidnapping, Section; or aggravated kidnapping. In many cases the real question in the case comes down to whether or not the alleged victim was actually detained or restrained. Additionally, the crime requires a certain state of mind of the alleged offender. If charged with unlawful detainer, you must have intentionally or knowingly detained or restrained someone. When you hire Salcido Law Firm, we go through the evidence in detail to provide you with the best defense possible. If the prosecutor cannot prove each one of the elements of the charge, you should not be found guilty.

Salt Lake Criminal Defense Lawyer – Unlawful Detention

If you have been charged, do not take any chances on your own, call us as soon as possible to get started on your case. Call 24/7 at 801.618.1334. We offer free consultations with a Utah defense lawyer in our office and can help you with the financial end of hiring a lawyer by offering payment plans in many cases. For more information contact us today by calling, emailing, or even chat online with us.

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