The Less Serious Side of a Utah Divorce

The Emotional Toll of a Divorce in Utah

A divorce is probably one of the most emotionally challenging endeavors one has to experience in life.  The events that lead a couple to decide to divorce are emotionally draining and often times it just gets harder emotionally trying to get a divorce.  Fierce fights can erupt in a divorce over child custody, parent time, alimony, and child support.  Unfortunately, some people become vindictive against their former spouse and seek purposefully to make life difficult by fighting over every little detail in a divorce proceeding.  This is why it is important for anyone facing a divorce to have an effective advocate on his or her side.  A Utah divorce lawyer from Salcido Law Firm is an effective advocate and will protect a person’s interest in a Utah divorce proceeding.

The Kardashian Divorce

While a divorce is usually full of emotional turmoil, it could always get worse.  The general public could know about your divorce and scrutinize it on magazine covers and television shows.  This thought may bring little consolation to someone going through a divorce, but talking about another person’s bad divorce situation may help someone else going through a divorce to smile at least.  Saturday Night Live helped to bring a lighter side to the serious issue of divorce by poking fun of Kim Kardashian’s pending divorce of NBA player Kris Humphries.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were married just a few months ago in a extravagant multi-million dollar wedding.  It was highly publicized and was broadcast on TV.  The following video clip from Hulu makes fun of the marriage by making fun of the soon to be divorce as being very highly publicized as well.

Hopefully this clip will bring a smile to those who are facing the more serious situation of ending a marriage with more riding on it than another E! Entertainment special.

We Understand Your Situation

The Utah divorce lawyers from Salcido Law Firm understand the seriousness of a divorce and the hardship it imposes on families.  Our understanding Utah divorce lawyers will work with you to achieve your reasonable expectations of a divorce decree.  Divorces are very hard emotionally, but you don’t need to go through it alone.  Let a Utah divorce lawyer go through it with you.  For a free divorce consultation, call 801.413.1753.  Our attorneys are standing by to help you.

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