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Drug crimes are extensive throughout Utah. They are one of the most common crimes charged by prosecutors through out the state’s justice and district courts.  Salcido Law Firm PLLC has defended individuals against drug charges in nearly every court in the state.  A Utah drug crimes lawyer at our firm can defend you against any alleged illegal or prescription drug crimes including drug production, drug distribution, and drug possession.

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Utah prosecutors are avid about getting you convicted for a drug offense and they show little mercy. If you have been accused of violating a drug law you can bet that the state wants to see you in jail. That is why hiring a dedicated and aggressive Utah Drug Crimes Lawyer such as those at Salcido Law Firm is so important.

Laws in Utah surrounding illicit drugs are harsh and range from Class B misdemeanors all the way up to first degree felonies and each subsequent conviction tends to increase the sentence by one degree. Furthermore, special rules apply which result in more stringent sentences if a drug crime was committed on, in, or around various types of premises such as schools, libraries, and even movie theaters.

Another issue that you have to look out for with Utah drug prosecutions is that a distribution charge is generally always tagged on to other drug charges even if there is no evidence of distribution. For example, if you had 10 joints in your pocket, in addition to being charged with possession you would also likely be charged with distribution simply because the officer would not expect that you alone could smoke that much so you must have intended to distribute. That quickly takes you into the drug dealer realm of the law where the consequences become more severe.

We Will Defend Your Liberty

You need the protection of experienced and energetic advocates. A Utah drug crimes lawyer from our firm will fight the state all the way to trial and will enjoy doing it. It is your liberty at stake and we are the attorneys who will defend you. Whether your case is down in Moab, all the way up to Logan, and everywhere in between, we can help.

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Driver’s License Consequences from A Drug Crime Conviction

In addition to the many consequences that attend a criminal conviction for a drug crime, one of the worst collateral consequences of a conviction for possessing drug paraphernalia or illicit drugs is the loss of your Utah driving privileges. All the more reason to get a Utah drug crimes lawyer from Salcido Law Firm.

On a first offense you will lose your Utah driver’s license and/or driving privileges for six months. Yes, that is a longer suspension than if you are convicted of a first time DUI. What’s more, your case does not have to have anything to do with a vehicle. You did not have to be driving, the drugs or paraphernalia did not have to be found in a car, etc. The only thing that has to happen for you to lose your license is for you to simply have had drugs or paraphernalia in your possession and you were convicted of that type of crime. You could have been smoking week in your basement, it doesn’t matter. Protecting your license is another reason why it is important to have a Utah drug crimes lawyer on your side.

Drug Court Programs Throughout the State

Some district courts in Utah offer drug courts. Drug courts are specialized courts presided over by a district court judge. They offer drug crime felony defendants a second chance to keep their records clean of drug charges. If an individual qualifies for a drug court program he will be required to undergo some serious supervision, random drug tests, drug counseling, group therapy, random search and seizures and some other requirements. Each district court and district attorney’s office has its own set of requirements and qualifications to be able to get into a drug court. The Utah Courts website provides a drug court FAQ but outside of that each specific county attorney’s office and district drug court has to be contacted to find out exactly what is needed to be able to qualify for the drug court.

When you hire a Utah drug crimes lawyer at Salcido Law Firm PLLC we immediately look into whether drug court would be an option for our client. Drug court is not for everyone but in those cases where it makes sense to go for it we work hard to further our client’s goals. Most of our experience with drug courts has been in Utah and Salt Lake Counties. Utah County’s drug court is rather difficult to work with and we have had clients who have chosen to take a straight plea rather than going through the drug court program. Salt Lake seems a little better to work with but their program is no less stringent.

When you work with us we’ll go through all of the costs and benefits of the applicable drug court program in your case and then ultimately you can decide what would work best for you.

To Learn More About Drug Crimes Check the Links Below:

  • Possession – If you have it, it’s illegal, even if it isn’t yours. If it’s in your car, you’re going to get charged. The most common type of possession case derives from a vehicle stop and subsequent search. If the search reveals any type of non-prescribed controlled substance, you’ll get arrested.

  • Marijuana Possession – Possession of marijuana is still illegal in Utah except in the form of medical cannibis in the specific dosage prescribed. This is true even if you have a medical marijuana license from another state or legally purchased it in another state.

  • Cocaine, Heroin, Meth – Less common than weed but still common enough, possession of these types of drugs can lead to serious prison time.

  • Drug Paraphernalia – If you can use it to carry, smoke, store, wrap, hold, cool, heat, etc. an illegal substance then it is considered paraphernalia and if you have it in your possession you’ll get dinged with a separate offense.

  • Drug Distribution Charges – If you sell, transport, carry, exchange, etc. any illegal drug the charges will get increased to felony distribution charges. The charges will also depend on what exactly you were distributing.

  • Federal Marijuana Possession – We tend to see these types of charges come out of Utah’s national parks such as Arches, Zions, Big Water, Bryce Canyon, and others. Most of those people are simply enjoying a joint while visiting Utah’s great scenery, but if a park ranger catches them they have to deal with misdemeanor charges in federal court.

  • Prescription Drugs – This type of drug crime extends to the stay at home moms, hard working middle class dads, the young, the old, and everyone in between. You  never know who may be struggling with an addiction to prescription drugs. Often times it starts from having to take pain killers for a surgery or other legitimate medical need, and that develops into a dependence.  The problem is that it is as illegal as using coke or meth.

  • Drug Crime Defenses – The primary legal defense for most drug crimes involves the constitutionality of the search conducted that resulted in finding the controlled substances. The right to be protected against unreasonable searches and seizures started out strong, but over many decades it has become a thin protection as courts have eroded this basic right.

  • Federal Drug Distribution – If you’re dealing with these types of charges chances are you are also facing conspiracy charges, wire fraud, money laundering, and gang related criminal charges. These cases involve a number of defendants and multiple law enforcement agencies. We have been defense counsel in some of the biggest drug distribution cases brought in Utah federal court in recent history.

  • Clandestine Laboratory – As though we needed yet another separate offense dealing with drugs, this charge penalizes having a lab that is used to produce drugs. Usually labs are used in the production of meth and spice, but they really can be used for any type of processed drug.