The Different Types of Alimony in a Utah Divorce Case

There are a few different types of alimony that can be implemented in a Utah divorce case.  The type of alimony that could be awarded is determined by the stage of the case.

Temporary Alimony

The first type of alimony or spousal support that could be ordered in a case is temporary alimony.  Typically this is alimony that is awarded during the pendency of the divorce.  It allows the poorer spouse to get sufficient funds to take care of his or her needs.  Temporary alimony usually lasts until a final divorce decree is entered.  That means it can last for months and even years.  It is extremely important, therefore, that you and your attorney make sure that all relevant financial information is presented to the judge to make sure the temporary alimony award is fair and reasonable.  The judge needs to be in possession of information concerning every aspect of the parties’ income, debts, and assets from all sources to make a determination.

Transitionary Alimony

Transitionary alimony is a form of temporary alimony but is different in the sense that it is implemented in a final decree of divorce rather than prior to the divorce decree being entered.  It is used to provide the spouse in need an opportunity for a specific amount of time to get an education, training, and other skills so that he or she can become self sufficient.  It usually terminates with a new and permanent order which either sets a sum certain of spousal support for a specified time period or it terminates alimony altogether.

Permanent Alimony

Permanent alimony is the set amount of spousal support that the paying party will be obligated to pay for as long as the decree states.  It can only be changed by a showing of substantial change in circumstances through a petition to modify.

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