Electronic Communication Harassment in Utah

In today’s world where communications through text, email, phone, chat, and other methods are readily available on our mobile devices, Electronic Communication Harassment Charges are becoming more and more common in Utah. It is much easier to be charged with harassment through electronic means than many people may realize because the statute in Utah governing this issue is very broad. First, electronic communication is defined as essentially any transmittal through any electronic communication device. This would include phone, text, chat, facetime, skype, facebook posts, etc. The statute reads in parts as follows, “a person is guilty of electronic communication harassment and subject to prosecution in the jurisdiction where the communication originated or was received if with intent to annoy, alarm, intimidate, offend, abuse, threaten, harass, frighten, or disrupt the electronic communications of another, the person:

  • makes repeated contact by means of electronic communications, whether or not a conversation ensues; or
  • after the recipient has requested or informed the person not to contact the recipient, and the person repeatedly or continuously: contacts the electronic communication device of the recipient; or causes an electronic communication device of the recipient to ring or to receive other notification of attempted contact by means of electronic communication;
  • makes contact by means of electronic communication and insults, taunts, or challenges the recipient of the communication or any person at the receiving location in a manner likely to provoke a violent or disorderly response;
  • makes contact by means of electronic communication and threatens to inflict injury, physical harm, or damage to any person or the property of any person;
  • causes disruption, jamming, or overload of an electronic communication system through excessive message traffic or other means utilizing an electronic communication device.

As one can see from reading the statutory provisions cited above, there are several ways in which a person could be cited for Electronic Communication Harassment in Utah. People should be especially careful of threatening someone in a text message because such conduct could potentially carry other charges as well. Once you put something in writing whether through email or text, it is out there and there is no getting it back. Don’t send a message you could potentially be charged for and later presented a copy of in court.

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