Police Officers Charged with Crimes

Many Police Officers Charged in Past Year

Today on the Sunday Edition on channel five, the host and guests of the program discussed the many officers throughout Utah who were charged with various crimes and either resigned or was fired from their posts as police officers. If nothing else this demonstrates the need for citizens of the state to keep a close eye on their government and the officials sworn to protect us. This blog includes a summary of the most notable stories of 2010, and early this year, of cops who found themselves in trouble with the law, including the most recent story this week of one of Utah’s most famed law enforcement officers Beu Babka.

Beu Babka Arrest

This week, former Chief of Police, Congressional Candidate, and one time Sheriff Candidate Beu Babka was arrested in front of his family and friends. Mr. Babka was charged with 2 counts of misusing public funds (a third degree felony) for allegedly using his officer’s fuel card for personal vehicle use. Mr. Babka made his first appearance in court this week in front of Judge Kate Toomey.

Provo Officers Charged

In August of last year, Provo City police officer Jeffrey Westerman plead guilty to sexual assault of a woman he pulled over on a traffic stop. That however, was not the end of the problems with the Provo City Police Department. In October, Officer Mark Petersen was arrested for pulling a gun on his common law wife during a domestic argument.

Police Chiefs Charged

It was not just the lower level cops that were found breaking the laws they swore to protect. More than 1 police chief found them self on the wrong end of the law over the past year. Perry Police Chief was placed on administrative leave for a time after getting in a shouting match with a Walmart greeter. The police chief of Spanish Fork City was investigated for shoplifting in a Provo mall.

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