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It’s not the first thing on a starry eyed couples mind, but it can make all the difference in the event things go south after months or years of marriage. Of course, I am referring to a prenuptial agreement or “prenup” and the benefits are numerous. More and more people across the country, even in Utah, are entering premarital contracts prior to choosing to tie the knot. Why is this new reality? Well first, the benefits are substantial, and second, the divorce rate in Utah is rather high and more people understand that statistically speaking, it makes sense to at least consider an arrangement prior to marriage.

These agreements are even more common among individuals who have been divorced once before. Many of these people feel they got a raw deal in a prior divorce and turn to a prenuptial agreement to prevent future woes from another marriage.

The Benefits

The benefits of a premarital agreement are many. Here are just a few of the reasons couples decide to take this plunge before walking down the aisle:

  • A premarital agreement allows the parties to define alimony before the marriage. Coupled with this is the fact that a full financial accounting of the parties may be disclosed so there are no surprises regarding assets after the marriage.
  • A prenup can take precedent over some testamentary laws such as an elective share. To find out more information on this issue, speak with one of our Utah divorce lawyers today.
  • These can prevent long and costly litigation. The cost to hire an attorney to draft a premarital agreement is nothing compared to what an extended divorce case may cost.

These are just a few of the many benefits people consider prior to marriage and entering a prenup. If you are reading this you are not alone, we have helped many people along the Wasatch front secure their rights with their spouse and find peace of mind so they can focus on marriage and happiness.

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