New Drug Dealer Trend Makes Policing More Difficult

Law enforcement agencies are reporting that a new national trend among drug rings is making their jobs more difficult. The trend is that drug rings are moving drug dealers from state to state to keep them from being identified and apprehended by officials. Strike force members say that once they identify a drug dealer the drug ring will move them to another state leaving the enforcement agency back at the beginning trying to figure out who they are targeting. These out-of-state dealers are selling everything from marijuana, cocaine and heroine to methamphetamine and illegal prescriptions.

Utah Drug Laws

Since the beginning of the “war on drugs” drug charges across the nation have become increasingly more punitive, and the big focus of law enforcement is taking down the individuals at the beginning of the chain. That doesn’t mean however that those simply buying or selling small quantities of narcotics will be dealt with less harshly. One of the most difficult things about drug charges is that there are so many laws concerning illegal drugs that nearly every incident involves multiple charges. Such as paraphernalia, possession, and distribution; not to mention the enhancements for drug free zones. Furthermore, the gravity of these charges increases with the quantity of the drug and the classification of the drug such as a “hard drug” like cocaine or heroin.

Utah Criminal Defense Attorney | Drug Charges

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