Facebook Saves an Abuse Victim

On Christmas Eve a Sandy woman that was being kept against her will and abused by her boyfriend was able to sneak a computer into a closet and send out a distress signal on Facebook. The message read “Hello, Is anyone out there? I am having a serious problem and me and (my son) will be dead by morning.” Those who had added the woman on Facebook quickly jumped into action and tried to figure out what the problem was and where the woman was located. Eventually a call was made to Sandy city police who arrived at the home of Troy Critchfield, the boyfriend, and the officers were able to get the girlfriend out of the home. She later stated that she had been abused physically and sexually for over five days before she was able to send out the plea for help.

Utah Abuse Laws and Protective Orders

As evidenced by this story, domestic violence and abuse between intimate couples continues to be a problem in this country. Violent crimes and sex crimes are both areas of the law that are aggressively prosecuted and heavily punished. In a case like the one above Critchfield is likely to receive a very harsh penalty if convicted. One avenue that the girlfriend has for protecting herself in the future as well as all those facing abuse is a protective order. A protective order can limit the rights of the abuser as far as how close they can be to the victim, gun rights, and more; it can also allow officers to act before harm has been inflicted.

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