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A Utah family is grateful this holiday season to have their daughter still alive. They are grateful for this because their daughter was pushed from a moving vehicle by her abusive boyfriend, while they were traveling at 65 mph. The couple had apparently started fighting about where the girl worked and after assaulting her in the vehicle and breaking her finger the boyfriend pushed her out of the car nearly killing her. The girl now says that she can’t wait for the court case against her old boyfriend to be over so she can speak out about abusive relationships. According to a government survey one in 4 women say they have been violently been attacked by their intimate partner.

Utah Protective Orders

One way to fight the apparent rampant domestic violence that is taking place in this country is through a legal device that the girl in the story above later used, a protective order. Victims of abuse such as described above can seek a protective order from the court and that order will vary depending on each individual situation. Some common forms of protective orders limit the abusive person’s location, proximity to the victim, gun rights, and possibly limited access to children and/or property. The usefulness of a protective order is that it allows law enforcement officials to act on a possibly abusive situation before any harm is inflicted.

Utah Protective Order Attorney | Protecting Yourself

If you are in an abusive relationship then it is time to take control of your situation and protect yourself. Call the attorneys at Salcido Law Firm to get the help you need and to get a protective order to get the law on your side. We offer free consultations and can answer all your questions with no charge to you. Call or email us today to set up an appointment.

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