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Utah Divorce Modification

Divorce is obviously a very trying time in the lives of those who have to go through it. In most cases when the final Divorce Decree is entered by the judge, the parties involved could not be happier to put the big D in their rearview mirrors. The problem with leaving your divorce in the dust however, is that divorce decrees cannot be crafted to address all the possible changes that come in life. For example, some of the basic issues dealt with in divorce are very fluid such as child support, and alimony. With changing issues being governed by fixed divorce decree rules, problems obviously arise. So one way that the courts have dealt with this is allowing for divorce modification.

Revisiting the Divorce

Although you may not want to return to the court after a divorce that might be the best step to take. With a divorce modification a party can get the terms of their divorce changed based on new circumstances. For example if a person has been ordered to pay alimony based on a certain salary and then they lose their job, they will obviously have incentive to get that alimony changed. To obtain a divorce modification a party must prove to the court that a “material and substantial change of circumstances has occurred” and that the change is not temporary.

Getting Your Divorce Decree Changed | Salcido Law Firm

If you are divorced and the terms of your divorce decree no longer apply, then call the Salcido Law Firm. Our experienced attorneys can help you understand what your options are and can help you get your divorce modified. Whether you are looking for a change in child custody or alimony our lawyers know how to get the best outcome available to you. Call us today to set up a free consultation. 801.413.1753

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