Cottonwood Heights Police Officer Suspended

Babka’s Law Enforcement Certification Suspended

It all started when 48-year-old Beau Babka used his city-issued credit card to put $120 worth of gas in his personal vehicle. Because of this mistake Babka, a Cottonwood Heights police officer, was charged with two counts of misusing public funds, both of which were felony counts. He would latter get these charges reduced to misdemeanors through a plea in abeyance. Although the court proceedings against Babka have been over for a while now his future was still quite uncertain until recently. Babka was sentenced before the Peace Officer Standards and Training Council this month for his misuse of city funds and although he asked for an 18-month suspension the council handed down a four year sentence. The silver lining in all this is that after four years Babka will have the opportunity to return to working as a police officer after going through training again and finding someone to hire him. The significance of this for Babka is that he only has one year left to become eligible for retirement benefits.

Criminal Charges & Non-Court Imposed Penalties

Babka’s story illustrates a very difficult issue facing a large number of people that are facing criminal charges. That issue is one of punishments that are a result of court proceedings but not imposed by the court. In Babka’s case his misuse of funds conviction was punished by the court, but possibly more detrimental for Babka was the suspension handed down from the POST council. With more than court admistered punishments at stake it can be very important for accused persons to take into account the out-of-court consequences that could be a result of court proceedings.

Getting Sound Legal Advice

With so much at stake it is extremely important that those facing criminal charges obtain legal help. The attorneys at Salcido Law Firm are experienced Criminal Defense who know how to obtain the best results for you. Call or email us today to set up a free consultation.

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