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While more people than ever before are turning to mediation as means of initially resolving their divorce in Utah, very few people realize that mediation can also makes sense for those looking to enforce their decree. Divorce is often not the end of all arguments between the parties. In fact, many people who divorce still have to learn to get along after the final order is entered. Rather than go back to court, you should first consider going to mediation to enforce your decree because it almost always will be more affordable and result in a better outcome.

Often there is just a misunderstanding between the parties and how each of them are interpreting their orders. Mediation can help to clarify post divorce issues. At Salcido Law Firm, you can speak with a divorce lawyer any time to find out how you and your ex can sit down and iron out the details of your post divorce life.

Parenting Issues Resolved in Mediation

One of the most common reasons for parties to come back to mediation after a divorce involves questions of parenting issues such as custody, parent time, pick up and drop off of the children, support, holidays, extended parent time in the summer, and more. Often, one parent’s understanding is simply different than the other parent’s understanding of an order and they need help clarifying how parenting issues are to be resolved. At our law firm, our mediators are also Utah family law attorneys and can help give meaning to certain decree provisions. Give yourself a break, don’t fight over parting issues. Nobody wins and it is never in the best interest of the children. Call us today to help the two of you get resolution and a game plan that will work for everyone.

Salcido Law Firm – Mediators and Lawyers

Don’t be fooled into mediation with a mediator who has no legal training or experience. At our office, all of our mediators are Salt Lake City and Provo divorce lawyers. We understand how the courts resolve cases such as yours. We know what your worst and best case scenario could be in the courts. We understand what it takes to get a hotly contested divorce under control. If you are looking to enforce your divorce decree, we can help through mediation. Get a free consultation today by calling 801.618.1331. You will speak to a lawyer/mediator, not a secretary or paralegal.

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