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Sexual Solicitation Defense Lawyers is getting a lot of attention by local law enforcement officials in Salt Lake City, Utah. At Salcido Law Firm, our sexual solicitation defense lawyers have spoken with many recent clients searching for a defense attorney after they have been charged with soliciting an escort online and are charged with solicitation or related charges. has become the hot spot for sexual solicitation and prostitution contacts and ads. Over of the past several months, we have become aware of many “sting” operations involving Salt Lake City police and Unified police departments using to front as escorts, prostitutes, and even massage therapists.

Many of our clients charged with these crimes responded to a ad for escort services and meet the escort at a hotel room in downtown SLC only later to realize the escort was actually a cop and now they are facing Class B misdemeanors or worse. In some of these cases, the alleged defendant was entrapped into committing the crime and their rights were violated by the police. Regardless of your potential defenses, you need representation with a Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer who understands these crimes and can help you get the best resolution possible.

Prostitution Charges

Have you been charged with prostitution or related crimes. Were you posting ads for escort or related services online? The “sting” operations by local police have also targeted escorts and prostitutes, not just johns. In many cases, the cop calls and sets up an appointment, elicits payment information from the escort, and then charges her with prostitution after a transaction is agreed to. If this is your case, you have rights and options. Speak with a defense attorney at our firm as soon as possible to get us started on your case.

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