Drug Charges and Drug Evaluations

A large number of people involved in the justice system are there because of drugs. Whether they were caught trying drugs for the first time or have been battling a drug addiction for years the courts will often treat them the same. With the help of a criminal defense attorney the defendant can often get a plea deal which will keep them out of jail depending on the persons prior criminal history. However, that does not mean they get off without having to do anything. Often times the prosecutor will require that the defendant goes through a drug evaluation as part of the deal.

Drug Evaluation Requirement

As it pertains to a plea deal a drug evaluation usually involves meeting with a counselor and discussing your drug use. Upon that discussion the counselor or evaluator, will make a recommendation as to whether or not they believe you need treatment and what level of treatment if you do need it. Part of the plea deal will likely be that you have to follow the recommendations that the evaluator makes, so although it may seem like a simple requirement of the plea agreement it can often turn into much more if you have a drug problem that warrants treatment.

Salt Lake Drug Crime Attorney

If you are facing drug charges in Salt Lake County then it is important that you understand the possible outcomes you could be facing. While you may not be interested in a drug evaluation and the possibility of going through treatment at this time it is better than jail time and a full conviction of all the charges you are facing. To find out more about how you can take care of you drug crime charges call the experienced attorneys at Salcido Law Firm today. We can help you understand your charges and the possible outcomes.

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