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There are hundreds if not thousands of people in this state who currently have warrants out for their arrest. Some are aware of the warrant, or are at least aware of the Criminal Defense that the warrant is based on while others are completely oblivious. Regardless of the persons knowledge of the warrant they could be placed in jail if they are stopped for a minor traffic violation because the officer will see that there is a warrant on their record. Clearly, it is important to deal with something that could possible end up putting you in jail and as such you should call Salcido Law Firm to find out how you can resolve your warrant.

The Typical Warrant Scenario

The majority of warrants that we see are related to a misdemeanor charge in which the defendant simply did not appear in court. If a defendant does not show up at court to plead to the charges and either try and defend themselves, take a plea deal, or plead guilty then the court will issue a warrant so that person can be brought into the court by force to deal with the charges. In most of these cases the defendant is not actually going to be facing any jail time if they take a deal, pay a fine, do some community service, or some drug evaluations; but because they are unsure of the charges or the process they simply don’t show up because they are afraid of what might happen, and that could put them in jail on a warrant. It is very important that people deal with there criminal charges because they won’t go away until they do. By hiring an attorney you can have your case resolved and you don’t have worry about being arrested every time you are stopped for speeding.

Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

By hiring an attorney you can possibly have your warrant recalled without you having to go to jail when you show up at court. Often the judge will recall a warrant once they see a person has hired an attorney because it shows that the individual is ready to take care of their criminal charges. To get help with your case and to learn more about how we can help you resolve your warrants call Salcido Law Firm today.

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